Veiga’s goodbye at Palmeiras and hiring of a replacement


The player is one of the greatest stars in Brazilian football and a fundamental player at Palmeiras

With an impeccable squad and being one of the biggest teams in Brazil, Palmeiras leaves fans nothing to be desired. In recent years, Verdão has been experiencing the peak of its career and winning several titles to everyone’s euphoria.

But, to emerge in football, the club led by Abel Ferreira needs many key players, such as striker Raphael Veiga. The player, it is worth remembering, is an essential star at Palestra Itália, but his prominence crossed borders and attracted foreign eyes.

Last May, for example, the newspaper “Sport” reported that the player attracts attention from Barcelona, ​​as someone who can technically add to the squad. According to the portal ‘Torcedores. com’, Palmeiras acted hastily before the possibility and already tried to look for a replacement.

Given the situation, UOL Esporte highlighted that Verdão made a new attempt to sign Claudinho, from Zenit, in Russia. The prospect for Leila’s team is former Red Bull Bragantino and was on Verdão’s radar when the club was looking to fill Scarpa’s absence.

Raphael Veiga at Palmeiras – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

At the time that Veiga’s possible departure from the São Paulo club was raised, Zenit began to be seen once again as a replacement part to make up the team’s squad.

Palmeiras arms itself for the arrival of an annihilating duo - Photo: Reproduction/Internet

TRIUNFAL return and Leila Pereira euphoric: Palmeiras prepares for the arrival of an annihilating duo as reinforcement

Leila Pereira, president of Palmeiras (Photo - Montagem TV Foco)

First reinforcement for 2024 at Palmeiras: Leila closes deal and new star for Abel’s team will sign NOW

Leila Pereira and Palmeiras flag full of money - Photo Reproduction Internet

Hiring to stop Brazil: Leila Pereira explodes Palmeiras’ coffers to close with new number 10 shirt

Will Veiga leave Palmeiras?

In turn, during an interview with TNT Sports, the athlete himself opened up about the possible outcome. “Man, I’m an extremely fulfilled and happy guy at Palmeiras. If my career ended today I would say: ‘I didn’t miss anything, it was worth it’”, he said.

“I am very happy, very grateful and I would have achieved my dream. One day I said on a program: what else could happen to accomplish something that I haven’t accomplished yet?”, continued Veiga.

“Man, I’m already extremely fulfilled with everything I’ve experienced, with everything I’ve experienced and with everything I’m going to experience yet. So, if nothing else happened, I would be the happiest guy in the world.”, pointed out the Palmeiras striker in the interview with TNT Sports.

Raphael Veiga opens up about a possible departure from Verdão - Photo: Reproduction/Internet
Raphael Veiga opens up about a possible departure from Verdão – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

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Who do you want to stay in A Fazenda 15?

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