F1: Marko now criticizes Honda’s working method

F1: Marko now criticizes Honda’s working method
F1: Marko now criticizes Honda’s working method

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko said Honda had a restrictive way of working in terms of sharing information, issuing a warning to the Japanese company’s future partner Aston Martin.

On Wednesday it was confirmed that Honda will supply power units to Aston Martin from 2026, when the new engine rules come into force in Formula 1.

Honda supplied engines to Red Bull from 2019 to 2021, but opted to officially leave the series as it aimed to achieve carbon neutrality. Red Bull then set up its own engine department, Red Bull Powertrains, which has technical assistance and support from Honda until the end of 2025. From 2026, Red Bull will partner with Ford.

Speaking to Motorsport Magazin, Marko said that Red Bull is satisfied with the decisions it has taken following the departure of Honda.

“We had to react to the departure of Honda,” said Marko. “And then when Honda decided to continue last year, there was no longer a common path that was satisfying for both of us.”

“There were talks about possible cooperation, but we couldn’t agree with Honda on who would do what. We took the courageous and expensive decision to build our own engine after Honda said it was pulling out completely,” said Marko.

“That created this situation with Ford as a partner, who don’t have that experience in Formula 1 but can also contribute a lot in the battery sector.”

“At the moment Red Bull Powertrains is doing very well. We are on the right way. Every engine that has ever been built is more or less at the level you might expect,” he added.

Having enjoyed a successful run of years with Honda, culminating in a drivers’ title in 2021, as well as a constructors’ and drivers’ title in 2022, Red Bull knows the Japanese manufacturer’s style intimately.

Marko claimed that Honda is secretive when it comes to sharing information about its engine. “Honda is very restrictive with their communications when it comes to the engine,” he said.

“The intellectual property is exclusive to Honda and we do not obtain any detailed information”, concluded Marko.

It seems a little strange that Red Bull’s consultant only makes these statements, after the announcement of Honda’s partnership with Aston Martin in 2026.

Something that cannot be forgotten is that Honda has a great knowledge of Formula 1 and with excellent recent results. On the other hand, Ford, which will partner with Red Bull in 2026, is practically unaware of the current model of engines in the category, which even with the 2026 changes, will be a variation of the current power units, something that Ford unaware.

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