All ‘brothers’: Athletico Paranaense now has five foreign players to compose its team in the 2023 season

All ‘brothers’: Athletico Paranaense now has five foreign players to compose its team in the 2023 season
All ‘brothers’: Athletico Paranaense now has five foreign players to compose its team in the 2023 season


Hurricane signed a left-back from Santa Fé (ARG), who arrives at the CT soon, and still has in the squad: another Argentine, two Uruguayans and a Chilean

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05/25/2023 – 1:15 pm BRT

Photos: Left to the right, José Tramontin/CAP (1st, 2nd and 3rd); Robson Mafra/Agif (4th); Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images (5th)

A curious movement has been happening among Athletico Paranaense’s market decisions lately, and a new signing only confirms this trend. It is not new that Brazilian football has chosen to bring our neighbors from the continent to its teams, that is, the South American stars who have the Spanish or Castilian language in common. And Hurricane, not escaping practice, announced this week the fifth ‘acquisition’ along these lines.

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Lucas Esquivel, left-back who also plays as a defender and was at Unión Santa Fé-ARG, is 21 years old and will arrive permanently with a five-year contract, filling a need for the team in that position. In all, he has 57 games for the Argentine team, with one goal and three assists. The final value of the negotiation for Lionel Messi’s countryman was stipulated at US$ 2 million (R$ 9.8 million at the current quotation), according to GE.

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Another professional from Evita Perón’s lands, but who already works with the Red-Blacks, is striker Tomás Cuello, 23 years old. His contract runs until December 2025 and this year he has competed in 21 games, with two goals and two assists. The ‘hermano’ with more time at home is the Uruguayan midfielder David Terans. In principle, your bond ends in July of the same year as the colleague above. In 2023, he played 23 games, scored five goals and eight assists.

Photo: Gustavo Oliveira/Athletico-PR

Who also comes from the soil of Pepe Mujica and roams the lawns of Brazil under the command of Paulo Turra is the striker Agustín Canobbio. Before at Peñarol, the 24-year-old joined the team this year and has 23 matches, with three balls in the net wearing the new shirt. He has also defended his country in international friendlies twice this season.

The young Chilean striker, 21 years old, Luciano Arriagada completes this continental list. His entry into Athletico-PR took place this year after leaving Colo-Colo, which he had been linked to since he was ten. The athlete is linked to the new team until December 2025 and has already participated in three disputes in 2023, scoring one goal. The team’s next challenge is for the 8th round of the Brasileirão, Série A, on Saturday (27), at 4 pm, against Grêmio, at the Arena da Baixada.

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