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The suspension of the Emilia-Romagna GP last week due to heavy rains left Formula 1 on alert as to the weather for monaco, which takes place the following weekend. And according to the weather forecast, there is a high chance that the drivers will have a wet track ahead on Sunday, race day.

On Thursday (25), the Formula 3 already had to deal with rain in its free session, but the F1 drivers should find dry weather in the two scheduled practices for the Friday. In the first, at 1:30 pm local (8:30 am Brasília time, GMT-3), the thermometers show 23°C, with the same thermal sensation. The relative humidity of the air is 58%, with winds of 12 km/h and gusts reaching 22 km/h.

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Last year, it rained a lot in Monaco, and history could repeat itself (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

In the afternoon, the temperature is maintained, as well as the thermal sensation, but relative humidity increases to 59%, and wind gusts can reach 26 km/h. There is, however, no chance of rain for the day of training.

At the Saturday, the temperature remains at 23°C, while the relative humidity reaches 61%. The expectation, however, is sunny weather at the time of qualifying, with the chance of precipitation increasing slightly towards the end of the Monegasque afternoon, but not exceeding 14%.

At the Sundaythe situation changes completely, because if the weather forecast is confirmed, we will have no less than an 80% chance of rain for the morning in Monte Carlo. In the afternoon, when the start is given (10 am Brasília time), thermometers are expected around 18°C, with winds to the northwest varying between 10 and 15 km/h.

Relative air humidity stands at 75%, with the probability of rain still high at 60%. The information is from the Weather meteorology service, and the forecast may suffer some variations over the weekend.

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