Magno Malta uses Dani Alves to defend himself about speech in Vini Jr case

Magno Malta uses Dani Alves to defend himself about speech in Vini Jr case
Magno Malta uses Dani Alves to defend himself about speech in Vini Jr case
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Magno Malta talked about Vini Jr.

O Senator Magno Malta (PL-ES) tried to explain this Thursday (25) his statement about the case of racism against the player Vinícius Junior
. The parliamentarian said that his position on Tuesday (23) was an “analogy” to defend the Brazilian national team striker.

At the beginning of the week, Malta said that the television stations “re-victimize” the Real Madrid athlete because the “subject gives a rating”. The senator also urged associations of the animal cause to come out in defense of the monkeys because, according to him, the animal would be “exposed”.

“You can only kill a thing with something’s own venom. So, here’s the thing: where are the defenders of the animal cause who don’t defend (sic) monkeys? Monkey is exposed (sic). See how much hypocrisy. And the monkey is intelligent, it’s very close to the man, the only difference is the tail. Agile, brave, cheerful, everything you can imagine, he has it, ”he declared.

The position caused a lot of revolt and parliamentarians filed a request for impeachment.

As a result, the senator decided to use the opening of the CPMI on January 8 to try to defend himself. He reported that he is a black man and “father of a black woman” and that “they created a narrative” about his statements.

“I made an analogy to defend Vini Jr. It’s not bad will, it’s really bad character. But no one is going to stop me, make fun of it and think it will scare me, because it won’t. […] I was making an analogy, because I am a respectful man”, he commented.

Magno Malta talks about Daniel Alves

great malta came to use the player Daniel Alves
, accused of rape in Spain, as an example in the fight against racism. In 2014, the athlete was the victim of attacks and ate a banana thrown onto the field by a fan.

In the senator’s view, the former side of the Brazilian national team “demoralized” the racists. “If I were a black player, I would enter the field with a white piglet in my arms to show that I have nothing against whites”, he joked.

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