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Regarding the “monkey” offenses heard by Vini Jr. at Valencia’s stadium on Sunday (21), Malta said animal advocates have to defend the monkey. The speeches took place during a session of the Senate Economic Affairs Committee last Tuesday (23).

1 of 1 Magno Malta in session at the Senate Economic Affairs Committee on 05/23/23. — Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado
Magno Malta in session at the Senate Economic Affairs Committee on 05/23/23. — Photo: Pedro França/Agência Senado

“So, here’s the thing: where are the defenders of the animal cause who don’t defend the monkey? The monkey is exposed. See how much hypocrisy! And the monkey is intelligent, it’s very close to the man, the only difference is the tail”, stated Malta during a meeting of the economic affairs committee.


In Malta’s argument, the media covered the matter to gain an audience.

“Revictimizing him, because the subject gives them Ibope for them to gain more sponsors. It is a ‘brazenness’ that”, he said.

“They revitalize Vinicius, instead of putting the boy up there. He’s already made his outburst. He’s simply a genius, he plays today for Real Madrid as he played for Flamengo’s juniors, without knowing that there’s anyone on the field and such”, he added.

According to the senator, in addition to racism, he is also jealous of the attacks against Vini Jr. “What they did is barbaric, what they did is dishonest, it’s dishonest. In what they did to him, we take everything for the color of his skin, but there’s a lot involved there: he’s jealous, he wanted to be him and he’s not” , argued.

Ethics Council

On Wednesday (24th) two requests for the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against Senator Magno Malta were filed with the Council of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum of the Federal Senate.

The first was signed by journalists, former athletes and celebrities and says that the senator’s speech is “incompatible with parliamentary decorum” and asks that Malta lose the senator’s mandate.

The second request was filed by PSOL, calling Magno Malta’s speech “racist” and “inhumane” and also asking for the impeachment of the parliamentary mandate.

The PSOL even filed a criminal report against the senator with the STF.

Fans detained by Vini Jr doll are released in Spain

Racism against Vini Jr.

Four men who had been detained in Spain on Tuesday (23) on suspicion of hate crime were released on Thursday (25) on bail, a Madrid court said.

The four will now respond freely for hate crimes and against the moral integrity of the player.

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