FIA changes yellow flag rules from Monaco

FIA changes yellow flag rules from Monaco
FIA changes yellow flag rules from Monaco

Change refers specifically to double yellow flag zones

As part of the FIA’s quest to improve safety in motorsport, the Federation has announced a modification to the FIA’s regulations Formula 1 for double yellow flags. from the Monaco GP this weekend, drivers will have to comply with a stricter speed limit in double yellow zones, both in safety car procedures and with the virtual SC.

Previously, the only requirement for drivers to get double yellows was in the International Sporting Code, saying they must “reduce significantly speed, without overtaking, and be prepared to change direction or stop”.

Lap times in qualifying are automatically excluded when the double yellows are on to discourage drivers.

However, in SC or virtual SC conditions, the presence of the double yellow flag in the area did not entail further obligations for the drivers to reduce speed. In fact, with the way in which time deltas worked, drivers could even go faster than normal in certain sections of the track to make up for lost time in other areas.

However, from now on, drivers will be forced to reach a specifically designated speed limit in double yellow flag areas in SC or virtual SC condition.

Tim Goss, technical director of the FIA, believes that imposing a specific speed limit helps drivers and makes the space safer for track marshals.

Marshals wave a yellow flag and hold a safety car board

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Images

“What we want is to give drivers a tool to help them during incidents, making racing safer. For years, we’ve used time deltas when in SC or virtual SC, in reference to the speed limit we have on the track. there are situations where cars can legitimately increase speed to recover what they have lost”.

“What we want is to extend the use of this delta concept, ensuring the cars stay slow.”

Pilots will receive visual and audible alerts about the double yellow zones so they are not caught off guard. And while the new system opens the door to potential disadvantages for drivers if they slow down on a double yellow that comes to an end while they are navigating through the zone, the FIA ​​says safety must take precedence over competitive aspects.

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