UFC fighter will have to pay BRL 20,000 pension to ex-husband

UFC fighter will have to pay BRL 20,000 pension to ex-husband
UFC fighter will have to pay BRL 20,000 pension to ex-husband

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Mackenzie Dern, one of the top UFC fighters, will have to pay a pension of R$ 20 thousand to her ex-husbandsurfer Wesley Santos.

The website ‘MMA Fighting’ released new information the separation of the couple, including the payment of a pension of R$ 20,000 per month from the fighter, decreed by the court. According to the report, the athlete can still appeal the decision.

According to procedural documents, the former couple exchanged accusations of domestic violence in court, in the midst of a custody battle for daughter Moa, 3 years old. The athlete accuses Wesley Santos of physical and emotional abuse.

In April, Wesley filed for custody of her daughter in court, while Dern filed for a restraining order, alleging domestic violence, with videos proving the assaults.

Attached, the fighter sent images of Wesley throwing his phone, bottles, pillows, bedding and lots of verbal aggression towards Dern. According to the athlete, there was no physical violence and the police were at the scene, but did not register the occurrence.

Wesley’s Answer

In response to the request, the surfer claimed to be the victim of physical abuse, delivering a video and photos of injuries, such as a bloody nose, which Wesley claims was caused by a punch from the fighter, in the midst of an argument in the parking lot of a restaurant. In addition, he claimed that Dern beat his daughter.

“I never physically attacked Mackenzie, she is an MMA fighter. I would never even try to use physical force on her. I wouldn’t stand a chance,” wrote the surfer in the court filing.

Mackenzie accuses Wesley of hitting the dogs

The fighter also accuses her ex-husband of hitting two dogs, which was denied by Wesley. Still in the accusation, she cites financial abuse, which would have denied access to an amount received from a sponsor in an account in Brazil, in addition to purchases without her authorization on her credit card and forged a lease renewal in the apartment where the then couple lived.

court decision

The court did not side with either party on the abuse allegations, saying it was a mutual struggle. The court decreed shared custody of the daughter and, since Mackenzie was the provider of the house, ordered the fighter to pay the 10,000 dollars (about R$ 50,000) referring to the legal expenses of her ex-husband, as well as the payment of a pension of approximately 4 thousand dollars (R$ 20 thousand) per month. The athlete will still appeal the decision.

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