Gabriel Pec: ‘The fans have supported this club for over 20 years, in this bad moment. We will overcome together’

Gabriel Pec: ‘The fans have supported this club for over 20 years, in this bad moment. We will overcome together’
Gabriel Pec: ‘The fans have supported this club for over 20 years, in this bad moment. We will overcome together’

Gabriel Pec: ‘The fans have supported this club for over 20 years, in this bad moment. We will overcome together’

The week has not been peaceful for Vasco. After entering the relegation zone, the club was the target of protests from the fans. Despite the difficult moment, Gabriel Pec asks for support and believes in the team’s overcoming.

– We know it’s a difficult time, nobody wants to enter the relegation zone. I can speak highly of that, it’s been 14 years since I’ve been here, I’ve played in two Serie B. I can’t ask for patience, but I can ask the fans to be with us, because we all know the strength of our fans. When we put this together with the group, we get stronger and stronger. The fan has been carrying this club for over 20 years, in this bad moment. We will overcome together.

Vasco returns to the field next Saturday, at 4 pm, to face Fortaleza, in Castelão. The team is in 17th place, with six points and has not won for six rounds.

Other statements by Pec:


– We are a family, we close ourselves here a lot and know what we owe the fans on the field. We are working hard and united to get back on top.

next games

– Not only these three games (Fortaleza, Flamengo and Internacional), but all games are a final, because all teams have a lot of quality. We are ready. We are very closed internally, working, showing our flaws and what we have to improve.

Flamengo at Maracanã

– I don’t think Maracanã becomes a neutral field, because we’ve already played great games there against great teams. We have to keep working and getting stronger and, as I said, we need the fans’ help.

What has changed in the team?

– Barbieri’s work is very good, in my life he is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. I learn a lot from him, not just me but the whole cast. We are closed with him, we believe in him a lot. We have already played great games, everyone could see, unfortunately we are not living a great moment, but you can be sure that the work is being done. He explains everything right to us, where we should attack, what we have to do. It’s more about us putting into practice what he’s asking, we have everything to turn it around.


– As I am reinforcing in all my answers, we are a family. The entire board as for SAF, Abel, they support us a lot, they don’t let this reflect on the field. The head is focused on the field and working to give feedback on the field.

Absence of Pedro Raul

– Pedro is a reference for us on the field, a born number 9, finisher. Of course, without it, the characteristics of our games change, but we’ve been working, Barbieri has good ideas and everything will be fine.

relegation zone

– Nobody would like to be in the relegation zone, but we need to understand that it’s the start of the championship. Of course, we have to turn on the warning signal as soon as possible, but there are still a lot of rounds to go and we are doing an excellent job internally. It will bear fruit and we will get out of this situation.

Fernando Miguel and Pikachu

– When I became a professional at the age of 18, Pikachu and Fernando Miguel were idols and role models. Being able to play against them will be a thrill, because they are two guys who have helped me a lot.


– For us to be able to tie such a big game at Morumbi is something very difficult, and we did it, but I think we lacked maturity on our part to know how to control, to hold the ball more. This has already been discussed internally and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Close to expressive brand

– I am happy for my individual moment, for completing 150 games. I arrived here at the age of 8, and today I’m completing this mark in the professional, a club that has an immense tradition in Brazil and in the world. It’s an honor for me. I think this delicate moment will serve to turn around and, who knows, crown these 150 games with a victory.

Difference from the current moment to the last years

– The work is being done, we know about our mistakes, what we have to improve. We charge a lot of hospitalization and I think there will be an improvement in the next games. We need support from the fans, not patience, but support. May they continue to support us, because together we will win.

Fans were waiting for a leader or coach at today’s press conference. Do you feel embarrassed for having to give the answers in this complicated moment?

– I don’t feel embarrassed, I liked being called, because it shows that I have weight within the cast. Because I’m young, I want to position myself, I’ve experienced many things here, I’ve been at this club for 14 years, so it would be fair for me to also come and speak about my knowledge of Vasco. I’m here for the good times and the bad.

tactical role

– I think I’ve been playing good games. I think my differential is this tactical function of coming back and helping with the marking. I sometimes feel tired because of that, because I have to go back and attack, but I think that’s what makes me different and helps me in some games.

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