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the track of Jeddahstage of Saudi Arabia GPis considered one of the most dangerous on the calendar of Formula 1 due to curves with blind spots, high-speed sections and the proximity of cars to the walls. The circuit underwent some reforms to increase safety, but the changes were not so well accepted, at least by the duo of Haas.

During free practice and qualifying, there weren’t a few closures that drivers in fast laps suffered. For 2023, the square received changes in curves 8, 10, 14 and 20, where the protection barrier was moved away from the track to improve the visibility of the drivers.

For Nico Hulkenbergthere is still a lot of work to be done on the Jeddah circuit, as the refurbishment has not achieved the expected objective.

“I feel like only Turn 22 has changed. They tightened, slowed down. And there’s a corner where the wall went back. Obviously they adjusted curbs, we don’t have those curbs that strand cars anymore. The one at turn 10 is quite aggressive, it’s a bit higher now”, explained Nico.

The track in Jeddah has been the target of criticism for lack of safety since its arrival in F1 (Photo: Ferrari)

Kevin Magnussen, Hülkenberg’s Haas teammate, noticed more positive points in the refurbishment of the Saudi Arabian GP stage. However, he also claims that there are many issues to be fixed.

“The walls being farther apart is a little better. You can see further back in your mirrors, but it’s still not that far away, so it’s a little tricky. You’re still looking at the mirrors, so in the end you can still see 3s, 4s behind, which isn’t much. But there’s still enough time to get out of the way.”

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