Albon celebrates long-term stability with Williams in Formula 1: “Privilege”

After returning to the Formula 1 grid in 2022, Alexander Albon got a long-term contract with Williams and celebrated having stability for the first time in the category

Alexander Albon liked the feeling of having a long-term contract in F1

Photo: Williams / Grand Prix

Alexander Albon returned to the grid Formula 1 last year, by Williamsafter spending a year as a reserve for the Red Bull — which dismissed him at the end of 2020 to rely on the services of Sergio Perez. And the consistent 2022 championship, despite being in the worst car in the category, brought the driver an unprecedented opportunity: stabilitywith a long contract for the first time since moving up from F2 in 2019.

The Thai highlighted the “roller coaster” that has been his passage in F1, with a meteoric start — which took him out of Toro Tosso and took him to Red Bull in the first season – and the disappointment with the results achieved in the following year. Now, Albon only thinks about preparing for the championship and has no more reason to worry about contract terms.


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“I think that, of the last two years, one of them was very stressful and the other, nervous”, admitted Albon to the English portal autosport. “I think I was preparing for the year and I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve signed a long-term contract now, which is one of the best feelings”, said the pilot.

Albon prepares for second straight year at Williams, now on long-term contract

Photo: Williams / Grand Prix

“It’s a privilege in Formula 1, to be honest. I feel very good, proud, just happy with the way things turned out”, he celebrated. “Formula 1 has been a rollercoaster ride for me and it’s nice to feel like I’m growing up now,” he said.

Albon acknowledged that before returning last year, he worried about having been out of the category for a whole year, just as a reserve for Red Bull. The Thai highlighted that the invitation from Williams brought excitement and nervousness, but also a concern that his level could have dropped after a year of little practice with an F1 car.

“I’m excited to be working with the team in the new year, focusing on car development and other things that are considered normal,” he said. “I’m not worried about having a seat,” he said.

“It’s difficult,” he acknowledged. “Because of the nerves, the excitement, but it also brings a new kind of stress: ‘Okay, how’s this going to go? I’ve been out for a year.’ You get a little rusty. It’s not a normal sport where you can keep going training in your backyard — you need to keep flying,” he pointed out.

Despite having the worst car on the grid, Albon managed to score four points in 2022

Despite having the worst car on the grid, Albon managed to score four points in 2022

Photo: Williams / Grand Prix

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Finally, Albon highlighted that he considers his time at Williams as a “second chance” in Formula 1, something that not all drivers can have. In the Thai’s view, it’s just one more reason for him to deliver results again from next year. In 2022, ‘Alex’ won points in Australia, miami and Belgium.

“At the same time, I think it’s kind of like a second chance, so you know you have to deliver [resultados]”, he pointed out. “Not all people get second chances, and I was lucky enough to receive them. The preparation was really good, I spent time at the factory and with the team, things like that”, he said.

“But once you start driving, that’s obviously when you feel most comfortable,” he said. “It’s what you were born to do. Once you get in the car, everything feels good. It’s just about that preparation, that’s what makes your heart tick.”

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