Corinthians x Palmeiras sub-20: coaches admit using professional names in the final | football

Corinthians x Palmeiras sub-20: coaches admit using professional names in the final | football
Corinthians x Palmeiras sub-20: coaches admit using professional names in the final | football

Corinthians and Palmeiras decide the title of the Brazilian Under-20 Championship this Sunday, at 11 am (from Brasília), at Neo Química Arena. This Friday, representatives of the two teams participated in a press conference at the alvinegro stadium, in Itaquera, and talked about their expectations for the final.

In the stadium’s interview room, coaches Danilo, from Corinthians, and Paulo Victor Gomes, from Palmeiras, in addition to Corinthians midfielder Matheus Araújo and Palmeiras defender Henri, were present.

– Very high expectations, the Brazilian final is not easy, a very level championship, a classic in the final. It will be disputed. Both teams arrive with merit in the final – said former midfielder Danilo.

– It is a great classic on the São Paulo and national scene. A privilege that we live, we will perform our work in the best way to reach our goal – highlighted Paulo Victor.

1 of 2 Corinthians x Palmeiras Sub-20 – coaches Danilo and Paulo Victor — Photo: Marcelo Braga

Corinthians x Palmeiras Sub-20 – coaches Danilo and Paulo Victor — Photo: Marcelo Braga

Danilo said he can call forward Giovane to reinforce the alvinegro team. He would be called up due to the injury of Felipe Augusto, who will not participate in the decision.

– Robert Renan and Giovane are already in the professional, they don’t even come down to play, they only came down for one or two games. At first they don’t go down. But let’s see, Felipe Augusto had a shoulder injury, he’s out of the game, let’s analyze whether Giovane comes down or not for the game – said the former midfielder.

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Paulo Victor did not confirm if he will integrate Endrick and Vanderlan, but he hinted that the players will be part of the squad, as they were important in some moments of the campaign.

– When these players are not related to professional commitments, they can go down to play at base. But just like the main team, we don’t disclose the related ones.

The final of the Brasileirão in the category brings together for the first time two teams from the same state. It will also be the debut of the final model played in a single game, novelty of the current regulation.

Corinthians seeks its first title in the competition held by the CBF since 2015. The alviverde team wants to repeat the feat of 2018 and be the first team to win the national championship twice.

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– The under-20 is a category ready for the professional, many go up to train and go down to play. In a classic, things are even, there is no favourite, that’s the decision. The fan wins, as it will be a great game.

– One thing is linked to another, winning, being champion, the life of a professional athlete he has to win, he cannot accept defeat, even more in a decision like this. It’s no use looking only at the preparation and forgetting the victory. Being champion is very good, where I went I was champion and the title that marks. When you’re a champion, no one forgets about you. If not, it is not marked.

– Guilherme Biro had an injury, he went to the national team and came back injured. He is a starter, today he participated a little in training, he will participate tomorrow too and we will analyze his real condition for the game.

– We have the advantage of playing at home, it’s in the regulations, but it’s a very small advantage. It is open to both sides. If we play well, it will be very good.

– The under-20 category is a gear close to that of the professional, we have established processes, open communication with Abel Ferreira. Players completing training, participating in games, enriches athletes. And participating in two finals this season is a source of great pride for us. Making finals like this is the result of our work, it’s following because moments like this are essential

– Playing in a full stadium, with an audience, in a routine like that of a professional, helps in their training. It will be a great game that will add a lot to the athletes and to us professionals

– Deciding on the rival’s house helps in the athletes’ training process. Corinthians had merit to decide at home, it is up to us to do what we can control, which is our best role in the game.

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