“When I talked about beating up Arrascaeta…”; Mano vents after being ‘persecuted’ by Flamengo fans and sends the real to the Nation


Communicator was heavily criticized by the Flemish Nation

Per Romario Junior

09/23/2022 – 1:35 pm BRT

09/23/2022 – 1:35 pm BRT

- Bro
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the commentator Bro got involved in a huge controversy with Flamengo fans after ordering Corinthians players to ‘hunt’ Arrascaeta in the final of the Copa do Brasil to take him out of the game. Arrasca has a little problem called pubalgia and will play that way until the end of the season. The statement by the professional of the SBT broadcaster revolted Flamengo fans. Remember the communicator’s speech:

Arrascaeta is a bit pissed off, with pubalgia, this is important information for (the midfielders) Fausto Vera and Du Queiroz, for each one to punch Arrascaeta and get him out of the game right away. It’s strategy, I’m not preaching violence”, said bro.

The red-black fans were revolted with the commentator and criticized Benjamin Back’s “pal” a lot on the web. The professional recanted and said he was misunderstood. He pointed out that when he spoke of having the Uruguayan “beat” him, he meant it figuratively.

Passing by to clarify a review that caused a lot of controversy there in ‘Papo Reto’ and is yielding until today. When I talked about ‘beating’ Arrascaeta, it was in the uproar and making fun of Paparazzo [Gabriel Reis, influencer do Flamengo]. Obviously it was figuratively speaking, but a lot of people ended up taking that sentence out of context. Of course I don’t want the guy to get hurt, break his leg and lose the Cup. Quite the contrary, Arrascaeta is a star”, explained Mano before continuing.

What I said, many coaches say to athletes on the field, for example. I wasn’t the one who invented this. But anyway, I want to apologize to those who thought, in some way, that I incited or made apology for violence. I was never in favor of violence and I never will be.”, added the SBT professional.

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