What Cruzeiro and Ronaldo’s Valladolid have in common on their return to the elite

The year 2022 will be marked in the memory of Ronaldo, who celebrated two accesses in the interval of almost four months. At the end of May, Real Valladolid got a place in La Liga, while on September 21 it was Cruzeiro’s turn to return to Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Owner of both clubs, Phenomenon found similar scenarios in Spain and Brazil, which makes the Spanish team serve as a kind of projection of what can happen with the celestial club in the coming months.

In the access campaigns, points in common between Valladolid and Cruzeiro have already been noted, such as the assembly of more modest squads and a bet on a style of play, designed by Ronaldo’s team and implemented by coaches José Rojo Martín and Paulo Pezzolano, respectively. However, the star team rose much more smoothly, with seven rounds to spare. The Spanish club won 2nd place in the last round of La Liga 2 by beating Huesca and having Eibar stumble against the already relegated Alcorón

Ronaldo bought Valladolid in September 2018, so he is in his fifth season at the head of the Spanish team. When he took over the management of the club, Phenomenon found a debt of more than R$ 300 million and a precarious structure. After a few years, the situation off the field is already better, but still far from what you see in other clubs in La Liga. Among the 20 participants of the 2022/2023 edition, Valladolid is the fourth that least invested in the assembly of the squad.

In the first transfer window of the season, Ronaldo’s team spent 5.3 million euros (about R$ 26.6 million) on signing reinforcements, in addition to betting on some names that reached zero cost. The amount spent on the search for players puts Valladolid ahead only of Girona, Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao. As a City group club, Girona received players on loan from other teams in the company, such as Manchester City and New York City, while Athletic Bilbao only uses players of Basque origin. With a strong base category in search of talents born in the Basque Country, Athletic rarely go to the market in search of reinforcements.

Ronaldo celebrates the accession of Valladolid, which in 2022/2023 will compete in La Liga again

Image: Publicity/Valladolid

Almería, for example, won La Liga 2 last season and on their return to the elite spent 37 million euros on signings (approximately R$186 million). With a more modest squad and few investments, Valladolid’s start to the campaign is not the best. After six rounds, Ronaldo’s team is in the relegation zone, in 18th place, with four points won. In Spain, only three clubs are relegated.

After gaining access with Cruzeiro, and the Serie B title can already be confirmed in the next round, against Ponte Preta, in Campinas, Ronaldo will start assembling the 2023 squad next week. As with Valladolid, the Phenomenon has already put forward the priority next year is not to be relegated.

“The success is in the sports area, but the problems continue, and we will have to use a lot of our talent to solve the financial issues. Next year will be very important, because we have to stay in Serie A to help with our finances, and we will have a competitive team”, said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo in a game between Cruzeiro and Vasco for the Brasileirão Serie B - Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Ronaldo in game between Cruzeiro and Vasco for the Brasileirão Serie B

Image: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

With a debt that exceeds R$ 1 billion, as indicated in the club’s financial statement, referring to 2021, and also with sponsorship and television quotas for 2023 advanced by previous administrations, the mission of the team led by Ronaldo will be to reinforce the current squad. still with a series of financial limitations. On the other hand, being bigger than Valladolid, Cruzeiro has a higher revenue potential within the competition that each club disputes. But, at the same time, there is a greater charge.

If historically Valladolid alternates between divisions in Spain, Cruzeiro is an elite club in Brazil that has lived through difficult years. Aware that the demand for results is greater for the Minas Gerais team, Ronaldo has already promised a team that will not do badly in 2023.

“Cruzeiro, with the history it has, with the size it has, with the fans it has, will have a competitive team next year”, completed the Phenomenon.

Cruzeiro’s debut in the 2023 Serie A will be on April 15 or 16, days reserved for the 1st round of the Brasileirão, according to the next season’s calendar, released by the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation). On the same weekend that the 29th round of La Liga is scheduled, enough time for Ronaldo to see what worked and what didn’t in Valladolid’s return to the Spanish elite.

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