Algoz do Atltico, Raja congratulates Cruzeiro on access to Series A

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Message from Raja Casablanca to the Cruise

Athlete of the Atltico in the 2013 Club World Cup, Raja Casablanca congratulated Cruzeiro for the elite access to Brazilian football.

“The Raja congratulates the brothers of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube for access to Serie A,” the Moroccan club said on social media.

Last year, Cruzeiro even signed a digital partnership with Raja, but there hasn’t been much interaction in recent months.

Raposa fans became admirers of Raja at the 2013 World Cup. On December 18 of that year, Atltico was surprised by the Moroccan club, and lost 3-1.

Iajour opened the scoring five minutes into the second half; Ronaldinho Gacho left everything equal in the 18th minute. In the 39th minute, Moutaouali put the Moroccan team ahead. Vivien Mabide closed the scoring in the 47th minute.

Personalities and athletes congratulate Cruzeiro on access to Srie A

Rafael Sobis, former striker for Cruzeiro – “The crook is BACK!!!” – photo: Playback/Twitter
Alex, former midfielder and
Alex, former Cruzeiro midfielder and idol – “Difficult years, of sadness, of many questions and few answers. It’s left behind. Returns to its place among the best. Congratulations to Cruzeiro and the Cruzeirenses for what they did throughout the season. Congratulations also to Ronaldo and the excellent work team assembled”. – photo: Playback/Twitter
Vanderlei Luxemburgo, ex-t
Vanderlei Luxemburgo, former Cruzeiro coach – “That’s it, happy!” – photo: Playback/Twitter
Cear, former Cruzeiro right-back – “Cruzeiro is back, STRONGER and CABULOSO” – photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Galvo Bueno, narrator – “‘The Giant is back’. Congratulations Cruzeiro for the return Series A!! Congratulations my friend Ronaldo!! You were born to be Fenmeno!!” – photo: Playback/Twitter
grandson, presenter -
Neto, presenter – “Congratulations to Cruzeiro, which is one of the biggest clubs in Brazil and has to play Serie A forever!” – photo: Playback/Twitter
Sorn, former left-back and Cruzeiro idol – “Cruzeiro gigantei contested. Thank you players, coaching staff, employees, club employees and incredible fans for the Serie A!!! return away celebrating proud to be part of your history. Blue hug . ” a feeling… – photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Tadeu Schmidt, presenter -
Tadeu Schmidt, presenter – “Congratulations, Cruzeiro!!!! Your place in the first division!!! You were away for too long%u2026” – photo: Reproduo/Twitter
MC Rick, singer -
MC Rick, singer – “Sure the biggest one is back” – photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Ari Aguiar, narrator -
Ari Aguiar, narrator – “It was hard. It was hard. It’s over. We’re back. We never stopped being giants. They tried to destroy us. We came back more giants. Thank you, Cruzeiro. We’re really big. Today we just celebrate!!!” – photo: Playback/Twitter
Lucas Romero, former midfielder of Cruzeiro -
Lucas Romero, former Cruzeiro steering wheel – “Congratulations to all those who made possible the return of a GIANT RESPEITAOCRUZEIRO ” – photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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