Cruzeiro announces new project that aims to ‘global brand’ after confirming access to Serie A

Cruzeiro announces new project that aims to ‘global brand’ after confirming access to Serie A
Cruzeiro announces new project that aims to ‘global brand’ after confirming access to Serie A

Cruzeiro will launch a fan token to improve the relationship with fans and expand the brand in the digital market

After securing access to Serie A seven rounds before the end of the Serie BO cruise start planning for the future. And one of the actions of the board of the Minas Gerais club is to expand the brand globally.

In a statement issued this Friday (23), Cruzeiro announced that it will increase its share in the digital market and seeks to improve its relationship with the fans through the creation of a fan token.

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After the classification to the series A mathematically guaranteed after the victory over Vasco last Wednesday, Cruzeiro moved its social networks today (23), announcing a new project aimed at expanding its participation in the digital market and improving its relationship with fans. : the Cruise Fan Token.

Fan Token is a digital asset created with blockchain technology, which aims to bring a new form of relationship between clubs and fans. They can be used to retain fans, as a digital engagement tool, for purchases of exclusive items, official and licensed club products.


The Project – carried out in partnership with the blockchain technology company LUNES – began in 2021, when a pre-sale of the tokens moved BRL 4.8 million in a few minutes.

At the beginning of 2022, with the progress of negotiations for the implementation and constitution of the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF), the token sales process was suspended until the responsible team was aware of all the processes involved in this project.

After the adjustments made, with improvements in its rewards program and interaction with the club through tokens, Cruzeiro Esporte Clube – SAF announces its official launch and resumption of sales for 10/07/2022.

According to the Secretary General of the Club, Alexandre Cobra, these are new sources of revenue and attention to the digital assets market: “The possibility of inserting Cruzeiro in the digital market expands the club’s revenue possibilities, improves contact channels between Cruzeiro and its fans, in addition to bringing new business opportunities, still unexplored in the football market”.

For Lunes CEO Lucas Magno Cardeal, the Cruzeiro Fan Token has great chances of becoming a global milestone in the digital assets market: “I am very motivated with the Cruzeiro Fan Token project. With the entry of SAF in the processes, we raised the project’s ruler to another level, and today we have the possibility to make, without a doubt, the best and perhaps the biggest Fan Token of a Soccer Team in the World, since The development of the project will be with the full participation of the Club and fans, something that is not done in any other Fan Token project of a big club in the world, we are very motivated to do this with Cruzeiro”.

Launch and Sales Expectation

The launch of the Fan Token Cruzeiro will be held on 10/07/2022, and the club will jointly promote an online launch event with Lunes. At this event, the project, its benefits and advantages for Cruzeiro fans will be presented.

On this date, fans will be able to purchase their tokens through the website, through PIX, or with LUNES cryptocurrencies. Cruzeiro expects the project to be a sales success, since the Cruzeiro fans whenever they were summoned put on a show by themselves, supporting all the club’s initiatives.

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