Atltico: Victor criticizes part of the press and hostility in football

Atltico: Victor criticizes part of the press and hostility in football
Atltico: Victor criticizes part of the press and hostility in football
photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico-MG

Victor, Atlético’s football manager, addressed several topics at this Friday’s press conference (23)

At a press conference this Friday (32), Atlético’s football manager, Victor Bagy, criticized part of the press for, according to him, working on the basis of sensationalism and regretted the climate of hostility that was created in Brazilian football.

Victor said that, because of Galo’s bad phase, many unfounded speculations arise and are spread by the media and digital influencers.

“When the results don’t happen, many speculations arise. We have to be careful with what we propagate, listen to and disseminate, because sometimes we perceive a current, I’m not generalizing, because many journalists act along the lines of sensationalism, to get followers and likes. a self-promotion system instead of working with the truth, because we know that not everything we hear is true”, he said.

This Thursday, a reporter from Argentina reported that midfielder Nacho had friction with coach Cuca and forward Hulk. Everyone in the club denied that version.


He also complained about the atmosphere of hostility that was created in Brazilian football. This week, the biggest organized crowd in Atltico, Galoucura, intimidated midfielder Zaracho in a bar in Belo Horizonte.

“We live in a culture of results, when you win, everything can; you don’t win, nothing can. I think we have to break this paradigm a little, knowing that the athlete has a personal life, has a family and nothing prevents , things are not going well on the pitch, he has moments of leisure, going out to dinner, meeting friends, I don’t see any problem, as long as you do it responsibly, as long as you don’t harm the club with your choices”.

The manager also said that players seek victory on the field to have peace in their private lives, not to enjoy the sport. “Unfortunately, in football, we see that you enter to win the game, not to enjoy, not to give joy, to have peace. We see examples of players who returned to Brazil, found this hostile environment and left, if from Willian, from Corinthians. So, that’s very bad”, he lamented.

Praise for the Atltico environment

Victor said that there is a good relationship between the players and the technical commission. He highlighted that the group is committed and that it seeks to regain its victories in the field.

“We have a very healthy, friendly and very professional environment, in which the players work hard. If you take the day-to-day routine of the club, all the players arrive an hour early to do pre-training. This shows the commitment We know that a good environment is an environment of victories. And that’s what we want to resume”.


The director also highlighted that the permanence of coach Cuca is the wish of the board for the coming year.

“This is a concern of having a name for the coach. Cuca is the name to be kept, in secret to no one, the wish of the president and the board. In fact, Cuca has participated in meetings for 2023, but this definition has not yet been defined. We are trying to define with Cuca, if he stays or not, and then follow with the planning, but Cuca is the name on the agenda, because he knows the club, knows the squad, knows where we need to evolve, the most victorious and the We defend his continuity in the club”, he highlighted.

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