“He left Rueda…”; Bielsa ‘positions’ on coaching Santos and information drops like a bomb in Vila Belmiro


Santos president wants to define the situation soon

Per Romario Junior

09/23/2022 – 08:43hs BRT

09/23/2022 – 08:43hs BRT

- Bielsa
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Santos defined that the ideal coach to replace Lisca is the famous “El loco” Bielsaa very renowned Argentine in football and who was even praised by the Pep Guardiola, from Manchester City. President Rueda has already met with the coach and the first conversation was very good. Therefore, the representative created hope of bringing in a coach with a great philosophy of play.

On social networks, Santos fans have already been very excited and are rooting for the deal to really happen. This Friday (23), the newspaper “A Tribuna” brought information on the subject and that will encourage even more the Santos fans who would like to see Bielsa commanding Alvinegro Praiano.

The Argentine coach’s starting position is not to rule out the hit and, of course, left Rueda dreaming big. Normally, given the profile he has, Bielsa would have already discarded it if he had not been interested in working in Brazil. But that didn’t happen and, apparently, the commander is willing to listen to the Peixão project.

Despite the silence and the feet on the ground, the fact that Bielsa did not rule out the possibility of getting it right at the beginning makes the Santos direction dream”, said an excerpt from the article in the newspaper “A Tribuna”.

Now the situation andIt’s in Rueda’s hands. If the representative presents a consistent offer, with a medium and long-term contract, support for decisions and everything else, it is very likely that one of the most respected coaches in the world of the ball will accept to take over Santos.

Marcelo Bielsa has never worked in Brazilian football and, as he is driven by challenges, this can be a great asset from Santos, who will meet with him again to advance a little further. Also according to the newspaper “A Tribuna”, the Argentine does not have a representative, that is, everything is dealt with directly with the commander.

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