“It’s seen as a priority at the moment”; Leila goes ‘crazy’ and agrees to pay millionaire salary to have a striker at Palmeiras

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Situation should be implemented soon after the end of the Brazilian Championship, but it seems to be already decided behind the scenes of Verdão

Per Pedro Zanuzzi

09/23/2022 – 10:40 am BRT

09/23/2022 – 10:40 am BRT

Photo: Cesar Greco/SEP - Leila should finish everything after the end of the BR22.
Photo: Cesar Greco/SEP – Leila should finish everything after the end of the BR22.

O palm trees he doesn’t hide from anyone that his head is focused solely and exclusively on maintaining regularity and being able to continue until the end at the top of the Brazilian Championship, precisely to finish the season by lifting an important cup. The team led by Abel Ferreira is currently 8 points ahead of Internacional.

The intention is not to waste points and seek to reach the title as soon as possible, precisely to be able to breathe more peaceful air after not being successful in the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores in 2022. However, the board is already starting to think about some situations that can directly influence even the next year.

One of them, for example, is the situation of Ron, who was always approved by Abel. Verdão’s number 10 was the target of a Qatari club, which offered more than BRL 85 million in this transfer window, which only closes this Friday (23) in Asia. However, from the start, the paulistas denied any intention to negotiate their titleholdernot least because it only holds 50% of the economic rights, with another 35% owned by Athletico-PR.

To further ease the hearts of Palmeiras, who approve of the striker’s permanence, colleague André Hernan, last Thursday (22), found out the outcome of the conversations: The novelty is that now it came from the player himself, who said he will not leave Palmeiras, regardless of proposalsinformed the journalist.

As a result, thinking about the appreciation of “Rústico”, the alviverde board decided that a salary increase is seen as a priority at the moment, even to protect the club from new harassment coming from peripheral markets. Recently, journalist Jorge Nicola reported that the athlete’s intention is to receive something around R$ 1 million per month.

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