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Atlética da UCP won the competition for the third consecutive year. (Photo: Advisory)

For the third consecutive year, the Central University of Paraguay won Pedro Juan Caballero’s Medical Athletics Olympiad. The competition, held over the weekend, had representatives of Atleticas Universitárias de Pedro Juan Caballero and serves as a selective for university competitions in Paraguay.

To win the Games’ General Championship, the CPU was champion in women’s table tennis, women’s volleyball, women’s handball, men’s chess, men’s volleyball, men’s handball and men’s basketball. UPAP was in second place overall and Uninter was third.

The event is grandiose and moves all the universities of Medicine in Paraguay. (Photo: Advisory)

About a thousand athletes from Pedro Juan Caballero’s faculties participated in the competition, which was held at the Roberto Ramon Acevedo Municipal Gymnasium, at the Municipal Training Center, always with a large audience.

Thomaz Garros, one of those responsible for the event, remembers that the games are part of the university tradition of the frontier and every day the rivalry is getting more fierce.

“University students await the competition and prepare for it. The disputes are getting fiercer and the technical level is very high today. We have great athletes competing at Intermed and whoever wins with that is the public that can watch great matches”, said Garros.

With the competition over, the winning teams in the modalities and the winning athletes in the individual modalities are now preparing for the national university competitions in Paraguay.

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