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The 2022 Italian GP has great potential to be marked as the weekend in which Nicholas Latifi completely lost his chances of staying on the Formula 1 grid. Owner of just 7 points in three years in the category, the Canadian was on the ropes. wobbly for a spot in 2023, but seems to have completely lost its balance with the surprise appearance of Nyck de Vries, called up in the 45th minute of the second half when Alexander Albon had an appendicitis crisis.

It’s just that De Vries did really well. In his first race in F1, the Dutchman went to Q2, started in the top-10 with a penalized mid-grid and still scored, in a very safe and error-free performance. Nyck also took advantage of a Williams that is, yes, relatively competitive on high tracks, it’s true. Okay, but what about Latifi in the middle of it?

Well, Latifi simply should have done at least the same thing. With much more F1 time, much more Williams time, the Canadian was unable to impose himself on his teammate at any time. Nicholas took it in qualifying and even more in the race. A rookie dance.

De Vries did a great job for Williams and put even more pressure on Latifi (Photo: Williams)

That Latifi is not able to keep up with Albon Williams already knew, but losing like that to De Vries was another level. 15th in a good track for the car he has, the Canadian basically lost a head-to-head with someone who is aiming for his spot for 2023.

It is not news to say that Nicholas only arrived in F1 for his father’s money and it is also not new that Williams has been signaling the end of the agreement even with the reduction of the budget that should come in tow. And Latifi definitely doesn’t help himself. If the team asks the Canadian to increase in performance to justify a renewal, the responses on the track are the worst possible.

Latifi is a nice guy, he’s good with a group, but he does more than overtime on the grid these days. If the comparison with Albon was bad for the image of the smiling Canadian, the one with De Vries was even worse. And Williams now just doesn’t choose the Dutch if someone picks it up first, like an AlphaTauri or even an Alpine.

Nicholas Latifi looks to be at the end of his F1 stint (Photo: Williams)

And yet, even if a largely unfavorable scenario happens and Nyck moves to another team, the main message that De Vries left at Monza was about Latifi: Williams can’t waste time there anymore.

It’s just that the impression left now is that the real potential of this Williams is no longer known for sure. Okay, it occasionally scores with Albon, but is the Thai the miracle worker or is the car that isn’t all this disaster? Latifi’s departure would help to explain this better, it would even help Albon himself to have a parameter of truth within the team.

De Vries would be the better option, of course, but a talented youngster like Logan Sargeant or a complete veteran like Nico Hülkenberg wouldn’t be bad choices either. The fact is, Williams knows it can do more. But it cannot stand still.

The evolution in the operation and in the structure of the team are evident, but the step forward has to do with the departure of Latifi. It won’t be with a driver who accidentally decided the 2021 championship by hitting alone and who only scored twice in his life – one of them, even in a race that didn’t even happen – that the team will overcome Haas, Alfa Romeo and even AlphaTauri. You need to stop being totally dependent on Albon.

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