Corinthians’ bizarre choice could end the party in the Brazilian Women’s final

Corinthians’ bizarre choice could end the party in the Brazilian Women’s final
Corinthians’ bizarre choice could end the party in the Brazilian Women’s final

This Monday, Corinthians released information about ticket sales for the final of the Brazilian Women’s Championship, on Saturday. The duel between Timão and Internacional takes place at Neo Química Arena. Unlike what the rival did in Beira-Rio, the club will charge for tickets and with the right to some very expensive sectors.

This, for me, is a bizarre and wrong choice by the Corinthians board. I know there is a cost to open Neo Química Arena. I know that the women’s team has been spent, I know all that. But I also know that you can try a little harder and find a balance.

Wasn’t it feasible to do the same as Internacional and just ask for a kilo of food? Okay, board. But did it really need to have a sector charging 60 reais? The tickets could have been between R$15 and R$20.

Fiel has been running an incredible campaign for days for the 40,000 mark at Neo Química Arena. The InvasãoPorElas has already been embraced by the fans, the players and even the club. But, how to get 40 thousand people in a game with some sectors costing between 40 and 60 reais?

This was the perfect opportunity for families who had never been to the Arena to get to know the stadium. For parents to take their children for the first time to a Timão game. For those who have never been interested in seeing a women’s soccer game, go to Neo Química Arena and allow yourself to give this team the attention it has long deserved.

I could be wrong and Fiel can, yes, surprise me and hit 40 thousand on Saturday, but I think it’s difficult. In fact, I want to be wrong. Much.

And not just to beat the record that Internacional won (and took from Timão) at the weekend. It’s not that. It is for the recognition and greatness that the sport deserves, that the players and Arthur Elias deserve. It’s been years of giving the best, conquering everything and playing, sometimes, for two, three thousand people – if not less.

Corinthians women’s football deserves 40,000 people at the Neo Química Arena cheering for yet another title. We all deserve this.

Too bad the club doesn’t think the same way.

Now we can only hope that Fiel makes a difference and show that, even with difficulties, she is too f*cking.

In time: Corinthians charged tickets for the last four games of the women’s team at Neo Química Arena, in 2022. These were the audience and income numbers. Remembering that the duel against Grêmio was also final and was worth the title.

  • 08/27/2022 – Corinthians 2 x 1 Palmeiras – Brazilian Women’s – Income: BRL 365,384.00 – Audience: 18,622
  • 08/21/2022 – Corinthians 1 x 0 Real Brasilia – Brazilian Women – Income: BRL 306,018.50 – Audience: 15,507
  • 02/13/2022 – Corinthians 1 x 0 Gremio – Women’s Supercup – Income: BRL 442,644.50 – Audience: 19,547
  • 06/02/2022 – Corinthians 3 x 0 Palmeiras – Women’s Supercup – Income: BRL 322,467.50 – Audience: 13,890

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