Post Malone sings with a fan and puts Rock in Rio to dance

Post Malone sings with a fan and puts Rock in Rio to dance
Post Malone sings with a fan and puts Rock in Rio to dance

The rockstar pose is there, it’s part of the show. Main attraction of the second day of Rock in Rio 2022this Saturday (3), Post Malone enters the scene drinking, smoking and lavishing attitude. But those who (only) see marra don’t see the little heart he makes with his hand while singing with a Brazilian flag hanging on his shoulder. Because he’s the type that destroys a guitar, yes, as the cliché says, but then immediately gives away what’s left of the instrument. In addition, he was probably the artist who most thanked the fans for the presence of the fans in the entire history of the festival – the average was more than one “thank you” per song.

The atmosphere in Cidade do Rock was exactly that: a nice host who was happy to see that his guests were enjoying the party. Perhaps in the same way that he himself appreciated the Iron Maiden the night before, in the middle of the crowd. “Thanks for having fun with me today“, he declared, smiling, right at the beginning of the presentation.

The carioca script was very similar to what the singer showed in the Portuguese edition of Rock in Rio, in June. The repertoire full of hits was designed to satisfy young people, most of whom were expecting something from a Saturday night. Hits like “Better Now”, “Circles” and “Psycho” were received with enthusiasm, as was “Take What You Want”, with the image of Ozzy Osbourne on the big screen.

It was in the acoustic section, however, that the show took on a surprise: instead of playing “Stay” himself, Malone decided to give a chance to a young man in the audience who had brought a poster to draw the idol’s attention. The singer Theo Kantfrom Niterói (RJ), took the chance, greeted those present as if he were the headliner of the night, accompanied the rapper during the number and left acclaimed.

Bad weather only started to drive away part of the audience in the second half of the presentation, when the rain got worse. Until then, judging by the audience’s excitement, it seemed just another effect of the show, like the flames framing the Mundo Stage and the fireworks. It is true that the floor was slippery and Malone took a tumble, but nothing that interrupted the rhythmic pace of the show.

Those who resisted the downpour gained more space on the floor to dance to some of the artist’s best-known songs that were reserved for the grand finale: “Sunflower”, “rockstar” and “Congratulations”. Malone, who came to regret having gone so long without performing in Brazil – he sang at Lollapalooza, in São Paulo, in 2019 -, said that this was one of the best shows he has ever done. A sign that, like his guests, the host left with a clean soul.

Rock in Rio 2022 takes place on September 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11. The first day of the festival was marked by concerts by Iron Maiden, Grave and dream theater. The second day also featured a historic show by the rational. Still performing at the event Justin bieber, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Avril Lavigne and Dua Lipabetween others.


Wrapped Around Your Finger
better now
Cooped Up
I Like You (A Happier Song)
Take What You Want
I Fall Apart
Go Flex
Candy Paint
White Iverson

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