Who benefited from the changes to the Food Stamps?

Who benefited from the changes to the Food Stamps?
Who benefited from the changes to the Food Stamps?

The Provisional Measure that changes some points related to the Food Voucher was recently approved by the National Congress. However, certain points discussed did not please part of the market. It is worth mentioning that the measures are also valid for the Meal Voucher.

The main changes mentioned in the text are related to the possibility of withdrawing unused money and changing the card brand, if the workers wish.

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VA and VR: for food purchase only

One of the main points is the impossibility of buying non-food items through vouchers. Some parliamentarians even claimed that before the MP, workers used the card to buy home appliances and pay for subscriptions to closed channels.

With the approval of the text, establishments are prohibited from selling products that are not intended for food.

In this sense, those beneficiaries who used the vouchers to make other purchases will no longer be able to do so.

Unused balance withdrawal

Another important factor that the measure brings is the possibility of withdrawing the unused balance within 60 days. So, if you don’t make purchases with the vouchers, the worker can withdraw the money and use it as he sees fit, which caused disagreement among parliamentarians.

This measure can be considered positive for workers who will be able to use the money to pay other expenses. But, it is important to remember that both cards are intended to ensure good nutrition for citizens.

card portability

From the text, beneficiaries will be able to change the flags of the VA and VR cards if they prefer and at no additional cost. Simply request portability to the company. This is a point that will allow greater freedom for workers who sometimes prefer to use the card in an establishment that does not accept the voucher flag.

Another rule related to card brands was placed in the MP. According to her, establishments that accept a VA and VR flag must be able to accept all the others. That is, if a certain establishment does not accept a specific brand, but accepts VA or VR as a form of payment, the worker can make his purchase normally.

What are the advantages of the Inter Gold card?

This change, as well as the other one, benefits people who make use of vouchers as most commercial establishments will be obliged to accept this form of payment.

In this way, it can be said that the worker was indeed benefited by the proposals contained in the MP. But companies that do not comply with the rules will be subject to fines that can range from R$5,000 to R$50,000, which can be considered a thorn in the side of some.

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