Justin Bieber’s visit to Brazil

Justin Bieber’s visit to Brazil
Justin Bieber’s visit to Brazil
Justin Bieber in concert in Hungary, in August of this year; The star’s passage through Brazil, which begins at Rock in Rio 2022, has uncertainties about cancellations (Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

One of the most awaited attractions at Rock in Rio 2022, which runs until the 11th of September, Justin bieber has been worrying fans for the past few days. Although this has not diminished the expectations of the fans, who are already posted in front of the gates of the City of Rock this Sunday (4) and, in chorus, chant “Out, Bolsonaro”, cancellations, changes and the artist’s silence. have raised the suspicion that something is wrong.

On Friday (2), Léo Dias, columnist for metropolisesrevealed that Bieber must keep his commitment at Rock in Rio – after some unprecedented changes in the festival’s history -, but the other presentations must be cancelled, including the two shows in São Paulo, which would take place on the 14th and 15th. Next , check out everything we know about Justrin Bieber’s turbulent passage through Brazil:

Confirmation at Rock in Rio

To keep Justin Bieber in the festival’s line-up, the organization of Rock in Rio 2022 needed to make an unprecedented change in its schedule: instead of starting at 6 pm, as usual, the shows on the Mundo Stage, the main attraction, have been advanced and will begin at 4:15 pm with Jota Questwhich was chosen to supply the dropout of the rap group Migos.

Thus, Bieber’s show, initially scheduled for the turn of Sunday to Monday, at 0:10 am, will start more than an hour earlier, at 11 pm. Before that, Demi Lovato goes up to the same stage, at 20:35, and IZA the party continues after the Jota Quest, starting at 18:25. Giving fans greater security that the star will really do the show in Rio de Janeiro, the singer’s team was seen disembarking, on Saturday morning (3) at Galeão Airport, including Nick DeMoura, Bieber’s choreographer; the dancer Johnny Erasmusknown as J Blaze; and the DJ Tay James.

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Cold and rain can get in the way

With the bad weather registered in Rio de Janeiro this Sunday morning (4), which should extend throughout the day and night, there is concern that the cold and rain in the Olympic Park, located in Barra da Tijuca, Zona West of the city, could detract from the experience of fans, who crave the Bieber show. As umbrellas are not allowed in the City of Rock, it is recommended that the public bring raincoats – if possible, even more than one -, still in the packaging, to enjoy the shows with peace of mind.

Despite the bad weather situation, fans shouldn’t worry too much about a little rain, since since Saturday night (3), when the bad weather intensified, fans have been planted in front of the Fairmont hotel, in Copacabana, to try to find the star, even without confirmation that he is staying there. according to ExtraBieber would land in Brazil on Saturday.

Tour cancelled?

After Rock in Rio 2022, Justin Bieber would leave for Chile, where he would perform next Wednesday, September 7th. Then, he would do a double in Argentina, with shows the next weekend, the 10th and 11th, and return to Brazil for two shows at Arena Allianz Parque, in Barra Funda, West Zone of São Paulo, on the 14th and 15th.

However, according to Léo Dias, the star would only continue with the presentation at the Rio festival, suspending the other commitments. O Yahoo! tried to contact T4F, the company responsible for Bieber’s concerts in São Paulo, but still no response. The space remains open for the company to comment on the veracity of the information.

previous cancellations

Before the possible cancellation of the shows in Brazil, Justin Bieber had already suspended the “Justin VIP Experience”, a special package available at his shows, which allowed fans to meet their idol. With the value of R$ 5,500, fans who would go to the show in São Paulo would have early access to the venue, a backstage tour and a meeting with Bieber with a photo, as well as exclusive memories of the singer’s passage through Brazil.

As a justification, T4F issued a statement announcing a reduction in the value of the pass to R$ 3,500, excluding the meeting with the artist, but maintaining some of the privileges: “Aiming at the protection and safety of the health of the band, the staff and fans, singer Justin Bieber announces that he will no longer participate in the group photo previously announced as one of the ‘Justice VIP Experience’ package experiences, therefore the package will undergo changes in its scope,” the text read.

Family health problems

In March of this year, Justin Bieber had a scare after his wife, Hailey Bieber, being rushed to hospital with brain damage. On her social media, the model revealed that she had symptoms similar to that of a stroke and, therefore, had to go to a hospital in Palm Springs, California, for an evaluation:

“Thursday morning, I was having breakfast with my husband when I started having symptoms of a stroke and was taken to the hospital. They found that I had a very small clot in my brain, which caused the lack of of oxygen”, explained the model.

“My body took care of it on its own and I recovered within hours,” Hailey continued, reassuring her nearly 42 million followers on the social network. “Although this was one of the scariest times I’ve ever been through, I’m home now, well and so grateful and thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses who took care of me.”

Months later, it was the star’s turn to put a brake on his career to take care of his health, after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which caused him facial paralysis. In June, the singer recorded a video for his social networks explaining the condition and the temporary removal from the stages.

“I wanted to share a little bit of how I’m feeling. Every day got better and, through all the discomfort, I found comfort in the one who designed me and knows me [Jesus]”, declared Bieber to fans. “I remember that he knows everything about me. He knows the darkest parts of me that I don’t want anyone to know, and he constantly welcomes me into his loving arm.”

It is worth remembering that Ramsay Hunt syndrome is caused by the chickenpox virus and, in this case, affects the facial and auditory nerve. In addition to paralysis, the condition can involve symptoms such as hearing problems, vertigo, and red spots and blisters around the ears.

All of the health issues, both Hailey and Bieber, may have caused the singer to shorten the tour to enjoy the next ten days with the family. However, the singer’s advice has not yet commented on the possibility.

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