Bolsonaro allies post video of Michelle vetoed by TSE

Ministers and allies of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) posted on their social media profiles a video of the campaign with the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, suspended by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court).

The decision of the Electoral Court took place on Thursday (September 1, 2022), in response to a request made by presidential candidate Simone Tebet (MDB). Here is the full text (122 KB).

According to Tebet, Bolsonaro’s propaganda violated the provision of a law that says that candidate supporters can only appear for up to 25% of the time of each program or insertion. Minister Maria Claudia Bucchianeri agreed.

In reaction to the decision, allies of the president began to share the vetoed video on social media. Initiative don’t break the lawas the images were suspended only in the electoral propaganda shown on TV, but can circulate freely on the internet.

Among the critics of the action brought by the senator are the federal deputy and candidate for reelection Carla Zambelli (PL). By publishing the video with Michelle on

Tebeth “pseudo defender of women”.


“Tebet, PSEUDO advocate for women, wants to ban you from viewing the video of the President’s wife. She filed a lawsuit with the TSE to ban the broadcast on TV. But you can circulate on WhatsApp.”

Among Bolsonaro’s allies who also spoke out on social media are: ministers Fábio Faria (Communications), Victor Godoy (Education) and Adolfo Sachsida (Mines and Energy); former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation and candidate for the Senate for São Paulo, Marcos Pontes (PL); the former Minister of Infrastructure and candidate for the government of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas (PL); and deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL).

Read what they said:


“Women’s “Defender” goes to court asking to prohibit the president’s wife from recording video for her husband’s campaign. unbelievable


“Ex-convict calling Bolsonaro a genocidal: ok. First lady participate in the president’s election schedule: no. Bind PT and PCC (Marcos Valério betrayal): no. JUSTICE…”


“Infrastructure is changing Brazil, and it will also change the face of São Paulo. Who is closed with Michelle and Bolsonaro, give a like there “


“Good afternoon. Thanks to the efforts of the Federal Government, water arrived in the Northeast!”


“With the word the first lady!”


“Water emancipates! A serious government committed to the Brazilian people really changes life. We are a government of concrete actions. Different from others with beautiful words and false promises in the elections that later forget about Brazilians”

In the video, Michelle’s speech is focused on Northeastern women. It is an attempt by the campaign to win the female vote, the portion of the population where Lula fares better. The PT also wins in the Northeast, focus of the propaganda.

The wife of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Rosângela Silva, known as Janja, also criticized the propaganda.

In a PT campaign in São Luís (MA), on Friday (September 2), Janja classified as “a lot of face” the first lady said that it was Bolsonaro who brought water to Northeastern women with the transposition of the São Francisco River.

The works began in 2008, during Lula’s 2nd term, and continue to this day. Bolsonaro and Lula dispute the paternity of the project.

The article is in Portuguese

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