IFMG teacher Ouro Preto is among dead in accident on BR-356 – Gerais

The three victims were trapped in the vehicle’s hardware, which was completely destroyed. (photo: Sandro Romero/CBMMG Press Room)

Clarissa Fernandes das Dores, 39, a Libras teacher at IFMG – Cmpus Ouro Preto, one of the two people who died in an accident involving a passenger car and a road, this Friday (2/9), on BR- 356, height of Itabirito, in the Central Region of the state.

Clarissa was a Libras teacher at IFMG – Ouro Preto Campus (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

Clarissa was rescued and taken to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Itabirito. Anderson Adrian, 45, driver of the car involved in the accident, a white Toyota Etios Hatch, died at the scene.

Another passenger in the car was taken to the UPA of Itabirito by the Municipal Brigade of the municipality and, after having an evolution in her health status, was transferred to Hospital Joo XXIII, in Belo Horizonte, by the helicopter of the Batalho de Operações Aéreas (BOA ) of the Minas Gerais Military Fire Brigade (CBMMG). She suffered multiple trauma and is in serious condition.

The truck driver was not hurt.

The accident

The collision happened on Friday morning (2/9), when the vehicles collided head-on. The collision caused a traffic jam in both directions of the road.

condolence notes

The IFMG – Campus Ouro Preto issued a note of condolence and declared an official three-day mourning. All academic and administrative activities at the institute were suspended and a graduation ceremony that would take place on Friday was postponed. See the full note:

“We communicate, with great regret, the death of the teacher servant Clarissa Fernandes das Dores.

Clarissa, joined the Institution on December 20, 2011, completing more than 10 years of history at our School. The careful and dedicated work of the teacher, related to inclusion, was remarkable in the institution. This legacy will be left in colleagues and students who had the opportunity to live with the teacher.

We still don’t have information about wake and burial.

The community of IFMG – Campus Ouro Preto offers the most sincere feelings of solidarity to the bereaved family and sympathizes with the pain of friends and co-workers.

The Institution decreed official mourning for three days, starting on September 2, 2022, within the scope of the IFMG – Ouro Preto Campus, according to Ordinance No. 319-2022.”

SINASEFE IFMG – National Union of Federal Servants of Basic, Professional and Technological Education Section IFMG also expressed “his deep sorrow for the death of the union member and teacher of Libras at the IFMG Ouro Preto campus, Clarissa Fernandes das Dores. Clarissa died this Friday (02), victim of a traffic accident on the BR-356, in Itabirito. information on wake and burial. The directors, union members and employees of SINASEFE IFMG offer their condolences to the friends and family of Clarissa Fernandes das Dores for the irreparable loss.”

FENEIS – National Federation of Education and Integration of the Deaf also issued a note of condolence:

Federa's condolence note
Note of condolence from the National Federation of Education and Integration of the Deaf (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

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