“Feel it?”, says presenter of “CNN” after Bolsonaro’s criticism

Gabriela Prioli said she would not interview the president, who mocked by citing Neymar and “Tabajara Futebol Clube”

The presenter of CNN Brazil Gabriela Prioli reacted, this Friday (Sep 2, 2022), to the criticism that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) published on his Twitter profile on Thursday (Sep 1). He made a joke after the journalist said that she would not invite him to her new show on the network.

“Yesterday, the President of the Republic published an article on his Instagram about me making a joke. Did you feel, Bolsonaro?”,


She said Bolsonaro directed militancy to attack her. “The summons affects, in my case, a woman six months pregnant with a girl”he wrote.

Here are the

from Gabriela Prioli:

The presenter’s statement, about not wanting to interview Bolsonaro on his program, was made during an interview with the magazine Look.

On Thursday (September 1), Bolsonaro

: “Tabajara Futebol Clube says why he doesn’t want Neymar on his team”in irony of Prioli’s speech.

Tabajara Futebol Clube was a fictional soccer team, created by the comedians of the former program Cassette & Planetgives Globe.

Bolsonaro made a

on his Twitter profile talking about equality between men and women.

“When you use the biological condition as a shield to be disrespectful and shield yourself from the right response, equality gives way to opportunism”,

this Friday (September 2).

“I have always defended that people should be valued for their character. It is through work and values, not color, sex or class, that everyone’s respect is earned. Princess Isabel and Anita are women, the difference is in what they decided to do for humanity”,



The article is in Portuguese

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