“For governor, I will preserve myself for the 2nd round”

“For governor, I will preserve myself for the 2nd round”
“For governor, I will preserve myself for the 2nd round”

Senator Cid Gomes (PDT) participated for the first time in a campaign in these elections. In Sobral, he makes stickers for the campaign of his brother, Ciro Gomes (PDT), the president. There are no references in the act to the PDT candidate for governor, Roberto Cláudio. The senator intends to preserve himself for the second round, to try to be “Cupid” to restore the alliance. As for the Senate, he declared support for Camilo Santana (PT), from the opposing alliance of the PDT. READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW HERE

“I’m going to work for Ciro, I’m going to work for Camilo for senator, I’m going to work for our federal deputies, our state deputies. But governor, I’m going to preserve myself for the second round,” he said.

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He emphasized that the end of the covenant was against his will.

Asked if this would not jeopardize Roberto Cláudio’s candidacy, Cid stated that he does not want to jeopardize the possibility of the alliance being resumed in the second round and intends to work towards it.

Cid Gomes at a campaign in Sobral (Photo: FERNANDA BARROS)

There is no campaign material from Roberto Cláudio, or from any candidate for governor. But there is material from Camilo’s Senate campaign. Even Cid glues PT stickers.

When explaining the reason for the separation of the articulations, the senator made history of the alliance between the Ferreira Gomes and the PT in Ceará, since 1996, in Sobral. “I feel like a patron of this alliance, which later extended to the state.”

He explains that, if he takes over one of the sides in the first round, he will have difficulty working for the recomposition later. Check out the full reproduction of what the senator said here.

With information from reporter Henrique Araújo

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