Justin Bieber performs at Rock in Rio, but cancels tour shows

The world of beliebers, as Justin Bieber fans are called, will fall apart when you read the next few lines. After a long discussion with the Rock in Rio team, Justin Bieber agreed to keep his show at the festival, but will have all his shows for the next few days canceled due to mental health problems. As published exclusively by this columnist, Bieber arrived on Brazilian soil this Friday (2/9).

Sources from the LeoDias column linked to Rock in Rio reported that Bieber is going through a delicate psychological moment and that’s why he canceled all other shows that would take place in the next few days in Chile, on the 7th, Argentina, on the 10th and 11th, and São Paulo, on the 14th and 15th. Also according to the sources, the singer would be irreducible to go on stage for a while and asked to cancel all the rest of the tour to take care of his emotional.


Justin bieberReproduction / Instagram


Justin bieberReproduction / Instagram

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Despite keeping his show at Rock In Rio, the task was not easy for the festival’s production, which has lived a real nightmare with the pop star in recent weeks. To be more exact, until this Thursday (1/9) when it was still not sure that Bieber would go up on the World stage. The Rock in Rio team, by the way, fought valiantly for one of their most anticipated artists not to cancel. We even emphasize here the brilliant work that the Rock In Rio team did to keep Bieber and not disappoint the singer’s fans.

At the end of the morning of this Friday (2/9), the festival announced changes in the schedules of Justin Bieber and Iron Maiden. Both were reassigned to earlier times than usual. In conversation with the Rock in Rio press office, our reporting team was informed that the band’s presentation followed the same pattern as the last edition, while Bieber, relocated to 11 pm, the festival itself was unable to explain the reason for the change.

Also according to sources in the column, the show would have been modified by demand of the singer, who intends to do the show and leave Brazil in sequence, since all the rest of the schedule was cancelled.

On August 18, the star’s fans received the news that the Meet & Greet had been canceled, an opportunity that guarantees fans photos and other benefits in the artist’s dressing room. The decision came out of concern for the health of the singer, band, crew and fans, according to ticket sales website Ticket For Fun.

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