Pele, at 81, is summoned by the courts for DNA testing

Pele has court decision to take a DNA test and will be notified

According to TV News portalthe former ace Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pele, 81 years old, would be about to be summoned to take a paternity test, the famous DNA test.

The decision issued on August 18, has not yet had the due citation to the former football star, however, according to the website, it will be made in person to the Skinwho may give himself the right to refuse to take the exam or argue with his lawyers.

The Institute of Social Medicine and Criminology of São Paulo (IMESC) has the responsibility in its hands and will determine the date and time that Skin will be personally summoned for the paternity test.

The portal highlights: “Pele will be summoned personally to be at his home on the date and time designated by the Justice.”, points out the news given by Ives Ferro and Li Lacerda to the website.

Still according to the TV News portalwho had access to the process opened in the 1st Family Court and Succession of the Regional Forum VII of Itaquera, in São Paulo, the paternity claimant would be Maria do Socorro Azevedo who registered the request with the Public Defender’s Office of the State of São Paulo, as the website points out.

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The decision to collect genetic material from Skin had a decision issued by the forum of Guarujá, in São Paulo. Even without a date and time to be notified, questions about how the material for collection will be sent or collected are still open.

Pele (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

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Last Monday, August 29, the official profile of Skin informed the followers about the current state of health of the former player. He is currently recovering from surgery to remove colon cancer last September and is undergoing cancer treatment.

According to TV News website, who tried to contact the press office of Skindid not receive a response until the close of the published edition.

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