Bolsonaro has already caused confusion with 15 countries

President Jair Bolsonaro
Photo: UN Photo/Cia Pak

In foreign policy, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) does not have a favorable performance. During the 44 months in the Planalto Palace, the current Chief Executive has already attacked governments of 15 countries.

The latest attack was against the government of Chile, with a false statement made during the electoral debate at Band, on Sunday (28).

Brazilian diplomats surveyed the regions where episodes of aggression took place, practically all of them gratuitous: in South America, they were Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela; in North America, the United States under Joe Biden; in Europe, Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands and Germany; and, in Asia, China.

Within that list they did not count the Vatican. In 2019, Bolsonaro criticized the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and the government tried to infiltrate spies in the Amazon Synod, which mobilized clergy from nine countries in the region.

The countries that were counted total approximately 2.1 billion inhabitants, that is, it means that the frictions provoked by Bolsonaro involve governments of 26% of the planet’s population. Thus forming a historic record for Brazilian diplomacy.

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