US attacks in Syria and Iraq leave dead and injured

US attacks in Syria and Iraq leave dead and injured
US attacks in Syria and Iraq leave dead and injured

Attacks by the United States Army on posts used by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Syria and Iraq, as promised by President Joe Biden, left at least 16 dead and 25 injured, the Iraqi government reported this Saturday (3).

The attacks against 85 targets lasted 30 minutes and more than 125 precision munitions were used. Some of them were carried out by B-1B bombers, which departed from Dyess Air Force Base, in Texas, on Friday (2), in a flight of more than 6 thousand miles.

Targets struck included command and control operations centers, intelligence, rocket and missile centers, storage warehouses for unmanned ventilated vehicles, and logistics and supply chain facilities for munitions used by Iranian-backed militia groups.

“The US administration committed a new aggression against the sovereignty of Iraq, as the locations of our security forces, in the Akashat and Al-Qaim regions, as well as neighboring civilian locations, were bombed by several US aircraft.” , said the Iraqi government, cited by ABC News.

“This blatant aggression led to the death of 16 martyrs, including civilians, in addition to 25 injuries. It also caused loss and damage to residential buildings and citizens’ properties,” he added.

The Iraqi government also said the attacks “put security in Iraq and the region on edge” and directly contradict the US effort to “establish necessary stability” in the region.

The response is the first in what is expected to be a series of attacks in retaliation for the deaths of three US soldiers last week in Jordan, according to a US defense official.

Biden gave the order to attack Iranian-affiliated and supported groups in Iraq and Syria, warning that “if the United States is hit, it will react.”

“Our response began today,” Biden said in his first statement on the attacks. “The United States does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world.” The military action constitutes a significant escalation in Washington’s attempt to deter the growing threat from Iranian-backed groups across the Middle East.

A spokesman for the Iraqi Armed Forces called the attacks “a threat that will drag Iraq and the region into unforeseen consequences.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry, in turn, stated that this was “another strategic error” by the United States.

The Islamic fundamentalist group Hamas accused the American government of threatening the “stability of the region” and described the attacks as “serving the occupation’s expansionist agenda [de Israel]”.

Warning about the consequences, Hamas called on the United States to “review its aggressive policies and respect the sovereignty of States and the interests of the Arab peoples.”

US strikes, expected for days in response to the killing of three US soldiers in Jordan, will continue for days as part of a large-scale, multi-level response, White House sources revealed.


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