“Parallel Abin” and improvement in government approval

“Parallel Abin” and improvement in government approval
“Parallel Abin” and improvement in government approval

The week was also marked by the inauguration of Ricardo Lewandowski in court and the new drop in interest rates

In the Facts of the Week table, the Power360 brings together the main events of the week ending this Saturday (Feb 3, 2024).


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On Monday (January 29, 2024), the Federal Police (Federal police) carried out search and seizure warrants at addresses linked to the councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ). One of them was at the Bolsonaro family’s beach house, in Angra dos Reis, where, in addition to Carlos, the former president, they slept. Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ).

According to the PF, the councilor would have integrated the “political core” of a criminal organization formed by employees of the Abin (Brazilian Intelligence Agency) during the deputy’s administration Alexandre Ramagem (PL-RJ) that allegedly spied illegally political opponents of Bolsonaro.

The former president’s lawyers said the operation had “undeniable abuse of power”. Inconsistencies were also highlighted at decision of the STF minister Alexandre de Moraeswhich authorized the operation.

On Tuesday (January 30, 2024), the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) fired the deputy director from Abin, Alessandro Moretti, number 2 of the body. The decision was taken after Lula was informed about an alleged relationship between Moretti and people investigated in the operation.

On the same day, the PF summoned General Augusto Heleno, who headed the GSI (Institutional Security Office) during the Bolsonaro government, to testify about alleged espionage. At the time, Abin was subordinate to the GSI. The testimony is scheduled for next Tuesday (Feb 6, 2024), and the objective is to determine whether Heleno had knowledge of the facts investigated.


Also on Tuesday, the PF asked for confidentiality to be broken deputy banking and tax André Janones (Avante-MG) and its advisors. He is being investigated on suspicion of “cracked” in the cabinet.


On Thursday (1st.Feb.2024), retired STF minister Ricardo Lewandowski He took office as the new Minister of Justice. He took the place of Flavio Dino (PSB), who was nominated for the STF. According to Lewandowski, his priority will be public safety.


A search PowerDate released on Wednesday (January 31, 2024) showed an increase of 3 percentage points in the approval of the Lula government, which stood at 49%. Disapproval fell 2 percentage points, reaching 42%. The graph curve since January 2023 shows that the president was unable to expand the support base he had at the polls in 2022.

Furthermore, the positive evaluation of the PT member’s work once again surpassed the negative one after just over 1 month. Those who consider it excellent or good are 36%, while 34% classify it as bad or terrible. Despite the improvement, the percentages are still tied at the margin of error, at 2 percentage points.


Former president Jair Bolsonaro stated for the first time in public which will support the re-election of the mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB). He also said he had nominated former Rota colonel Ricardo Mello Araújo to be vice-president.


On Thursday (1st.Feb.2024), the International Transparency released your annual ranking. Brazil fell 10 positions, ranking 104th out of 180 countries. Government criticized the result and pointed out methodological flaws in the survey, although they have praised it in the past.


The unemployment rate fell 7.4% in the last quarter of 2023, reaching the lowest level for the period since 2014. In absolute numbers, there are 8.1 million Brazilians looking for a job. Despite this, the creation of new formal vacancies during the year was below expectations. It was 1.5 million, 26% less than in 2022 and the lowest number since 2020, the first year of the covid-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday (January 31, 2024), the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee) of the B.C. (Central bank) cut the basic interest ratethe Selic, from 11.75% to 11.25%, maintaining a rate of decline of 0.5 percentage points at each meeting.

Public accounts recorded the 2nd worst leak of the historical series started in 1997, second only to 2020. The fiscal deficit was R$230.9 billion. Public debt also rose, breaking the record of R$6.5 trillion. The increase was almost 10% compared to December 2022.

Furthermore, the increase in ICMS rates charged by States made it more expensive the prices of gasoline, diesel oil and cooking gas. But on Thursday (1st.Feb.2024) the Petrobras announced a reduction in the price of natural gas for distributors and also aviation kerosene.

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