BBB 24 Summary of 2/2: early morning there is DR between Davi and Wanessa and a new group forming | summary

BBB 24 Summary of 2/2: early morning there is DR between Davi and Wanessa and a new group forming | summary
BBB 24 Summary of 2/2: early morning there is DR between Davi and Wanessa and a new group forming | summary

Wanessa tells Davi that talk about career generated ‘triggers’

We have a new leader in the BBB 24 house! Fernanda is the one with the crown on her head this week, and her first hours of reign were very busy. The Leader even expressed regret about her first act: choosing the VIP. But the night was long and there was time for this regret to pass because of important changes that could happen.

Speaking of changes that could happen, Wanessa, after complaining about Davi a few times around the house, decided to go and talk to her brother and they had a reckoning.

The game at BBB 24 is on fire and it looks like a new phase is about to begin. Check out the gshow summary to stay up to date with everything that happened in the morning.

1 of 1 New alliances and DR in the early hours of BBB 24 — Photo: Globo
New alliances and DR in the early hours of BBB 24 — Photo: Globo

VIP and regret…

Fernanda is the new Leader of BBB 24 and, for her VIP, the sister chose: Davi, Pitel, Rodriguinho, Giovanna, Ráculo, Michel and MC Bin Laden. However, her choices raised some questions.

Brothers talk about VIP choices, and Marcus Vinicius says: ‘He wants to pull you’

“Marcus was now in the kitchen saying: ‘If she thinks she took those people to the VIP, that they’re going to help her, she’s going to be screwed’. So, take it easy”

Rodriguinho reveals plan led by Fernanda on BBB 24: ‘Bring them to us’

“I don’t care what Fadas thinks of me, because Fadas is just one thing. Nobody thinks alone there,” he said.

Fernanda says she ‘doesn’t care’ about the opinion of the Quarto Fada brothers

Fernanda vents to Pitel that she regretted the choice she made for the VIP

“I’m very happy to have put you here”, declared Fernanda.

Fernanda tells her brothers: ‘Happy to have included you’

  • Michel was one of the brothers who also didn’t understand Fernanda’s choices for the VIP;
  • “I don’t even have a change,” said the teacher after being chosen.

Michel says he doesn’t understand Fernanda’s choice to take him to the VIP: ‘I don’t even have an exchange’

“I’m scared I’m being tricked,” he admitted.

Michel cries after receiving an apology from his sister and says: ‘Afraid of being deceived’

After Fernanda won the Leader Test at BBB 24, Davi is on duty at Big Fone

“I’m going to do like him, I’m going to sit there and stay, just to irritate, on the other side”, he said.

After seeing Davi on duty at Big Fone, Wanessa says: ‘I’m going to sit there just to annoy’

“I wish other people would do it”

On BBB 24, Wanessa says she doesn’t feel good about just Davi making her food

Will Alane escape from Paredão?

Beatriz talks about a possible trip to Paredão

If she’s smart, she won’t put me on,” said Alane.

Sisters say about nomination, and Alane says: ‘If she’s smart, she won’t put me in’

  • If Alane’s reasoning makes sense, the new Leader doesn’t lack intelligence then. Because, despite the recent discussion between the two, Fernanda hinted that she will nominate someone else to Paredão.

“I think she, as a woman, for a woman, is a strong competitor for me,” she explained.

Fernanda talks about her sister’s removal, and declares her vote for a BBB 24 participant

Fernanda about Alane: ‘She’s a character in constant action’

Brothers are suspicious…

Rodriguinho says he feels ‘false’ in BBB 24 participant

‘You eat at the edge of each group’, says Marcus Vinicius to Lucas Henrique

“She has already told other people that she distrusts me, that she doesn’t feel safe talking about things with me because I hang out with her rivals in the game. That’s okay, that’s part of it,” he said.

New alliances, new scenarios ♟

The strategy of bringing Michel, Ráculo and Giovanna to the VIP resulted in at least an early morning full of conversations about the game in the Leader’s Room. After hours of chatting, a firm outline of an alliance was made with the air of a decree from Fernanda:

Brothers close new alliance on BBB 24: ‘No one votes for anyone’

And when it seemed like the group was going to sleep, Wanessa goes to Davi and the two have a DR lasting more than an hour, in which every misunderstanding between the two was put on the table. Important points were raised:

‘I’m ready to change my idea all the time’, says Wanessa at the end of the DR with Davi

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