Maria Santa dies after giving birth to her third child

Maria Santa dies after giving birth to her third child
Maria Santa dies after giving birth to her third child
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Protagonist will continue in the second phase of the work, appearing in dreams to her husband

Airing in prime time on Rede Globo, the remake of “Renascer” reaches one of the most cathartic arcs of the narrative created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa: the death of Maria Santa, played in Bruno Luperi’s adaptation by Duda Santos. The young lady dies in this Friday’s episode (2) after giving birth to the fourth child of the heartthrob defended by Humberto Carrão.

The first three children will be José Augusto, José Bento and José Venâncio, who will be played in the second phase of the soap opera by Renan Monteiro, Marcelo Mello Jr., and Rodrigo Simas, respectively. After the birth of the fourth child, João Pedro, who will be taken over by Juan Paiva, José Inocêncio’s beloved will pass away.

The arrival of the couple’s fourth heir will be very complicated, but the child will be born and everything will seem to have been resolved. Unfortunately, however, the matriarch will not resist and, hours after giving birth to João, she will end up dying and leaving the protagonist of the plot inconsolable.

Juliana Paes’ character, Jacutinga will meet the deceased when he goes to bring her breakfast. With the death of his great love, José Inocêncio, who will be played by Marcos Palmeira in the next phase, will blame his son for Maria Santa’s death.

Rewritten by Bruno Luperi, “Renascer” replaced “Terra e Paixão” in prime time on Rede Globo. Scheduled to run until September, the work will give rise to the unprecedented narrative by João Emanuel Carneiro, provisionally named “Mania de Você”.

José Wilker – Colonel Belarmino’s interpreter died in 2014, aged 67, victim of a massive heart attack. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Nelson Xavier – The actor played the merchant Norberto in the plot and died in May 2017, aged 75, due to lung cancer. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Chica Xavier – Interpreter of Inácia and icon of generations of black artists left us in August 2020, victim of lung cancer. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Leila Lopes – The actress who played Luciana, teacher Lu, was found dead in an apartment in the Morumbi neighborhood, in São Paulo, in December 2009, at the age of 50. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Gésio Amadeu – Known for several roles on the small screen, the actor who played Jupará died in August 2020, a victim of Covid-19. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Regina Dourado – Morena, wife of Deocleciono (Roberto Bonfim), left at the age of 60, in October 2012, due to breast cancer. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Jofre Soares – Father Santo in the first version of the soap opera died in August 1996, aged 77. Photo: Reproduction/Globo
Luiz Carlos Arutin – The famous Turkish Rachid, who would have sewn the skin of the young José Inocêncio (Leonardo Vieira) with needle and thread, died in January 1996, aged 62, in a house fire.. Photo: Reproduction/Globo

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