Suspect of carrying out scams inspired by ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is extradited to Brazil

Suspect of carrying out scams inspired by ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is extradited to Brazil
Suspect of carrying out scams inspired by ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is extradited to Brazil

Eduardo Omeltech was extradited to Brazil; defense denies accusations

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The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) extradited from Portugal, on Thursday afternoon, the 1st, the first prisoner of Operation Wolf of Wall Street. Eduardo Omeltech Rodrigues, 29 years old, is suspected of being part of a criminal organization that carried out false investment scams on the stock exchange. The defense denies the accusations.

According to the police, the Earth, the first and second phases of the operation, launched by the 9th DP, in March and June 2023, dismantled the criminal organization. After investigation, the 9th DP obtained, from the 10th Federal Criminal Court of Brasília, orders for preventive detention and determination of international compliance via Interpol red diffusion against those suspected of committing the crime.

The name of the operation ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ refers to the film that has the same name and tells the story of Jordan Belfort, who is an ambitious stock broker who creates a true empire, getting rich quickly, but illegally. . An employee told TV Globo that the leaders of the investigated company were inspired by the story.

According to the Civil Police, as the suspects were based in Lisbon, Portugal, the arrest warrants were served in that country. Since then, the prisoners have been awaiting extradition processes that are being carried out in separate files and mediated by the Ministry of Justice (DRCI).

The first extradited prisoner arrived in Brazil on Thursday afternoon, the 1st, after disembarking from a Lisbon-Brasília flight. Investigators from the 9th DP, in cooperation with the Federal Police, received the prisoner at the airport. He was taken to the federal wing of the Papuda complex and will await his trial in preventive detention.

“The PCDF and Brazilian law demonstrated that it has the technical capacity to reach even those who thought they were untouchable because they were carrying out scams outside the country. After almost a year of investigations and a lot of work, today we had the pleasure of welcoming one of the criminals as he left the plane. We were unable to recover all the assets misappropriated from the thousands of victims spread throughout Brazil, but at least they can have a little peace and the satisfaction that something was done and those responsible did not leave unscathed”, said delegate Erick Sallum, from the 9th DP.

The Wolf of Wall Street operation revealed a criminal organization that, based in Portugal, claimed victims in Brazil through the scam of false investments on the stock exchange (Ghost-Brokers).

According to investigations, there were victims who lost more than R$1 million and had their personal lives damaged due to debts incurred beyond their ability to pay. Furthermore, according to the 9th DP, these people are still undergoing psychological treatment for profound depression.

To the EarthEduardo Maurício, criminal lawyer who represents Eduardo Omeltech, states that the extradition of his client, who was serving preventive detention, “was carried out considering that the requirements for refusing extradition expressly provided for in Article 5 were not met in this specific case , of the Extradition Treaty between the Government of the Portuguese Republic and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil, nor the requirements expressly provided for in the Portuguese legislation of Law no. 144/99”.

The defense lawyer states that he is requesting habeas corpus at the Superior Court of Justice of Brazil for the revocation of his client’s preventive detention. “The accused Eduardo Omeltech is presumed innocent in the investigation underway in Brasília, which has not even been formally charged/reported by the Federal Public Ministry”, says Eduardo Maurício.

The defense also claims that Eduardo Omeltech did not commit any of the crimes accused of him and no scam or fraud involving international transactions with cryptocurrencies. “The accused was just a service provider for the company Pineal Marrketing – Unipessoal LDA (based in Lisbon), with express, certain and determined activity of consultancy services, the subject of a formal service provision contract, and who has allegedly been targeted of persecution and fishing expedition (probative fishing), with the process in Brazil having several nullities that will be caused at an opportune moment”, stated the lawyer.

Safety Tips

The PCDF warns the population to be very cautious about possible scams. “The scam epidemic is becoming more acute every day and people need to redouble their attention,” said the corporation.

Check out these safety tips for civil police officers:

  • Never believe in promises of miraculous returns.
  • Never take a risk on supposed investments offered over the phone or on websites.
  • With new technologies involving artificial intelligence, exercise caution whenever speaking through messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Once the money is handed over to criminals, recovery is always complicated.

Source: Redação Terra

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