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PEC of the end of re-election in the Executive is a priority for the Senate


On the eve of the opening of the legislative year, the president of the Federal Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), announced on Wednesday 31 that some changes to election rules are a priority for the House. Among the bills that must be considered by parliamentarians is the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) that ends the right of re-election to Executive positions in the country.

“My purpose, particularly, is to put an end to reelection in Brazil with the coincidence of five-year terms,” declared Pacheco.

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Authored by Senator Jorge Kajuru (PSB-GO), this PEC awaits a report in the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ). “Brazilian society, for the most part, supports my proposal”, informed the author.

“This month, we will send it to the CCJ for evaluation, and then for a vote in the plenary. We also want to follow the debate in public opinion about the end of re-election in the Executive from the 2030 elections onwards.”

The author of the proposal, Senator Jorge Kajuru | Photo: Disclosure/Agência Senado

The right to re-election was established in 1997 through the promulgation of a PEC at the time. In the elections of that same year, the then President of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB), benefited from the change and obtained a second term, which began in 1998.

The next two presidents, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and Dilma Rousseff (PT), also managed to be re-elected. Michel Temer, who replaced Dilma in the middle of her term, did not run for re-election. Jair Bolsonaro (PL), in turn, did not achieve the feat.

Other changes

In addition to the end of re-election to Executive positions, the president of the Senate also plans to vote on two other proposals that change electoral legislation. The first intends to prohibit the so-called “collective candidacies” or “collective mandates”, the division of a parliamentary mandate between several people.

This bill also provides for a change in the calculation of the so-called “electoral surpluses”, which are seats not filled in the distribution of vacancies in proportional elections. Under current legislation, acronyms that had 80% of the electoral quotient can participate in the division of “leftovers”. The proposal intends to limit participation only to subtitles that achieve 100% of this performance.

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The second proposal aims to be a mini-electoral reform, as it consolidates in a single text all electoral legislation and all resolutions of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The rapporteur for this project at the CCJ is senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI).

Among other topics, this project establishes a four-year quarantine so that judges and police officers can contest elections. The text also provides for double counting of votes for women or black people for the distribution of resources from the Party Fund and the Electoral Fund.

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