More than 25 thousand failed to declare bitcoins in their Income Tax and need to be careful not to pay a fine


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The Federal Revenue reported this Thursday, February 1st, that it identified 25,126 bitcoin investors who did not declare the cryptocurrency on their Personal Income Tax Declaration (IRPF) from last year, totaling R$ 1.06 billion. According to the Tax Authority, the data was collected using traditional techniques and artificial intelligence.

In a statement, the IRS declared that it will carry out an action to “encourage self-regularization” of data, “encouraging compliance, without imposing fines which are due in the event of opening tax procedures”.

The State of São Paulo concentrates the largest number of people who did not declare the investment (8,635), followed by Rio de Janeiro (2,912), Minas Gerais (2,078), Rio Grande do Sul (1,730) and Paraná (1,435). The body, however, emphasizes that it identified non-declarers of the investment in all units of the federation.

The IRS also identified 181 residents abroad who did not declare their crypto assets. Based on IRPF declarations submitted in 2023, there are records of 237,369 investors in bitcoins outside the country, with an accumulated amount of R$20.5 billion.

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