Vasco’s start in Carioca is marked by arbitration controversies; see bids | Vasco

Vasco’s start in Carioca is marked by arbitration controversies; see bids | Vasco
Vasco’s start in Carioca is marked by arbitration controversies; see bids | Vasco

Vasco once again had reason to complain about the refereeing in the Campeonato Carioca. In this Wednesday’s game, against Nova Iguaçu, two moves bothered the club, both involving Rossi. In both the first and second half, the attacker suffered harsh tackles, not marked by referee João Marcos Gonçalves Fernandes.

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In addition to these two games, a move in the club’s debut in Carioca, against Boavista, also bothered Vasco. On that occasion, defender Capasso was hit by an elbow and suffered a cut on his head. Referee Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães did not even issue a yellow card and also did not mention what happened on the scoresheet. At this stage of Carioca, the games do not have VAR.

See the controversial moves:

32 minutes of the first half: Matheus Lucas, Boavista striker, tried to get rid of Capasso’s marking and hit his elbow squarely in the back of the defender’s head, which bled profusely. He had to play with protection until the end of the match.

Capasso, from Vasco, takes an elbow and falls to the pitch against Boavista

4 minutes of the 1st half: Jair was sent off after fouling Walney. The Vasco midfielder made a move, but hit the ball before the Bangu player fell to the pitch. The referee saw reason for a red card.

44 minutes of the 1st half: Gabriel Canela made a hard foul and stepped on Erick Marcus’ foot. The referee showed the yellow card to the Bangu striker.

52 minutes of the 2nd half: Walney made a strong foul on Zé Gabriel, left his sole on the Vascou player’s shin and received a yellow card. The Vasco midfielder complained a lot to the referee.

55 minutes of the 2nd half: The referee awarded a penalty to Bangu after Medel touched the back of Gabryel Freitas, who fell in the area.

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25 minutes of the first half: Rossi was hit in the leg by Cayo Tenorio. The referee ordered the game to continue, but the attacker kept asking for a foul. The Nova Iguaçu full-back already had a yellow card and left his sole on the shin of the Vasco player, who suffered a cut and appeared with his leg bleeding.

Cayo Tenório, from Nova Iguaçu, hits the leg of Rossi, from Vasco, but the referee doesn’t give a foul

20 minutes of the second half: Gabriel Pinheiro came hard at Rossi, with a scissors that knocked the player down. The attacker was treated on the edge of the field and soon left the game.

Nova Iguaçu x Vasco: Rossi is hit by Gabriel Pinheiro and the referee does not call a foul

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