Carille celebrates victory, but regrets Santos’ low performance


Santos de Carille won their third victory in four games in this Paulistão (Photo: Raul Baretta / Santos FC)

Peixe achieved another victory on Wednesday night (31), a match valid for the 4th round of the Campeonato Paulista. This time, Santos beat Água Santa 1-0, away from home, and further expanded their advantage at the top of Group A of the competition.

After the game, coach Fábio Carille celebrated the victory, but regretted the team’s performance. He highlighted that the sequence of games in a short period of time and the short time spent working had an impact on performance.

“Very happy with the result, even though we didn’t play well today. Sequence of Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, I know, especially at the beginning we don’t have 25 days of work yet, I think we’re completing 25 today. Of the 4 games, 3 were away from home, we only played 1 game in Vila. So, yes, a better-than-expected start in terms of results, but I know how much we can achieve. It’s great to win, even if you don’t perform well,” said Carille.

Santos opened the scoring in the final stage with defender Joaquim, who tested firmly into the back of the net after a corner. The coach also mentioned that he didn’t like the team’s first half and considered making four substitutions at once, but decided to do it little by little due to the athletes’ fatigue.

“I didn’t like our first half at all and I wanted to do some at halftime. But I saw that there were so many players that I tried to bring them up and I felt that they wanted it, but the body wasn’t respecting it, so I decided to return with the same players. It crossed my mind to make four substitutions at once, but thinking about tiredness I decided to make two, then two more. There is nothing planned in this moment of tactics but waiting to happen, always leaving the last one until the end, because we know that fatigue can set in, we cannot end the game with one less because of having made a substitution” said the coach.

Santos is now preparing to face Guarani in the fifth round of the competition, next Sunday (4), at 6pm, in Vila Belmiro.

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