The two brands of rice suspended in the markets


Try not to be impacted when you learn details about the two brands of rice that were blocked by the agency

First of all, it is very important to say that Anvisa, for those who don’t know, is a regulatory agency, in the form of a special regime agency, linked to the Ministry of Health.

This way, today you will know details about the two brands of rice that were acted upon by the agency and the decree today. Shall we check it out?

Firstly, let’s start by talking about Favorito brand rice. According to information from G1, the Globo news portal, released on 01/02/2017, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) prohibited the sale and distribution of a batch of Favorito brand rice because it contained “rodent excrement , whole and fragmented rodent hair, insect fragments and whole insect larvae.”

According to the information that was released at the time, the Regional Laboratory Center – Instituto Adolfo Lutz Campinas III detected the substances in samples of type 1 long fine rice, from batch 00204, valid until February 25, 2017. The product, of According to the resolution published in the “Official Gazette of the Union”, it was packaged and distributed by the company Total Cesta Básica de Alimentos Ltda-ME, from Contagem (MG). At the time, the agency also ordered the company to collect existing stock on the market.

Find out all the details about Anvisa’s operations in rice brands – Photo Internet
Find out all the details about Anvisa's operations in rice brands - Photo Internet
Find out all the details about Anvisa’s operations in rice brands – Photo Internet

Which brand was operated by Anvisa?

In second place we have rice from the Prato Vip brand. According to information published on Anvisa’s own website, on 11/16/2010, the agency ordered the precautionary ban on batch No. 011 of polished subgroup rice, long fine class, type 1, of the Prato Vip brand, from the company Comercial Nacional de Alimentos Ltda (CNA). The product presented unsatisfactory results in tests of sensory characteristics and investigations of foreign matter.

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“The precautionary ban is valid for 90 days after publication in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU) – during which time the tax analysis report issued by a body part of the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS) is counter-tested. During this period, the banned batch cannot be sold or consumed. People who have already purchased the product should stop using it,” Anvisa said at the time.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the actions dealt with problems in specific batches and that have already been resolved a long time ago, considering the date of the events. The decree today is that the two brands continue to operate normally in the market.

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