INSS confirms BENEFIT and thousands party TODAY (15)


Thousands of policyholders are celebrating with the INSS confirmation of benefits

O INSS A benefit has just been confirmed and thousands of policyholders who will be honored are celebrating this Wednesday (15), as it can be requested and you need to be up to date with all the updates.

The National Social Security Institute is one of the government’s main programs, aimed mainly at retirees and those who work with a formal contract, and always issues a statement announcing the news.

For those who don’t know, the month of November is marked by the fight against prostate cancer, known as Blue novemberand according to the National Cancer Institute (INCA) it is the second largest malignant neoplasm among men in Brazil.

Blue November is marked by prostate cancer prevention (Reproduction: Internet)

Faced with this scenario, the president of the INSS, Alessandro Stefanutto, used his social networks to give a message to all men: “Take care of yourself, don’t abandon the ones you love out of prejudice or fear of taking the exam. See a doctor,” he urged.

This is because the program offers some benefits for those undergoing prostate cancer treatment, the first of which is the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC).

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Big victory for INSS for thousands of Brazilians (Reproduction: Montagem TV Foco)

R$7 thousand per month: INSS hits the hammer and confirms a great VICTORY that will change the lives of thousands of Brazilians

INSS (Reproduction - Internet)

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This can be requested by citizens who have low income, who have long-term disabilities or due to age, all established under Law 8,742.

The second, Temporary Incapacity Benefit, can also be requested by this group of personnel, as they are ill and often unable to work or carry out their usual activities.

“Both benefits can be requested both on the application and on the Meu INSS website or by calling 135. To apply for both benefits, you must present personal documents and medical documentation,” said the INSS on the official website.

In some cases it is necessary to carry out medical examination (Reproduction: Internet)
In some cases it is necessary to carry out medical examination (Reproduction: Internet)

Is it necessary to carry out medical expertise?

In some cases, the INSS will request medical expertise from the beneficiaries, to determine the real seriousness of the case.

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