How was the seventh farm in the edition formed?


Henrique Martins, Jaquelline and Lucas Souza are in the seventh field of A Fazenda 2023 (Record). The trio of farmers fell into the spotlight after Yuri Meirelles won the Farmer’s Test for the third time and escaped. Who do you want to stay? The least voted will be eliminated.

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How the farm was formed:


A Fazenda 2023: Shayan on the formation of the seventh farm

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

Shay nominated Jaquelline to occupy the first bench: “An extremely malicious person when it comes to putting her positions, in her speeches, in her positioning. She raises very, very dangerous issues against the pawns of the house. Topics like machismo, like homophobia. This peoa raises these issues to damage the image of pedestrians”, he explained.

Who voted for who?

  • Sander Mecca voted for Nadja Pessoa.
  • André Gonçalves voted for Tonzão.
  • Cezar Black voted for Lucas Souza.
  • Lucas Souza voted for Tonzão.
  • Kally Fonseca voted for Márcia Fu.
  • WL voted for Nadja Pessoa.
  • Alicia X voted for Lucas Souza.
  • Nadja Pessoa voted for Tonzão.
  • Lily voted for Nadja Pessoa.
  • Márcia Fu voted for Kally Fonseca.
  • Radamés voted for Lucas Souza.
  • Tonzão voted for Nadja.
  • Jaquelline voted for Tonzão.
  • Henrique voted for Lucas Souza.
  • Yuri voted for Nadja.

With 5 votes, Nadja was the most voted of the night.

Pull from the stall

A Fazenda 2023: Baia in the formation of the seventh farm of the season

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

Nadja, being the most voted in the house, pulled Yuri out of the stall: “The day I’m afraid of someone in here, my name isn’t Nadja Pessoa. I’m not afraid of those who are good at the test.”

One left

In Resta um, Black came last and had to decide between saving Radamés or Henrique. He saved the player and Henrique went to the countryside.

Orange Power and White Power

Once again, Cezar changed the game. When reading the Orange Power, he had to exchange the second farmer — Nadja, for any other pawn. He chose Lucas.

Henrique then vetoed Jaque from taking the Farmer’s Test. What they didn’t expect was that Alicia, owner of White Power, would have to change the veto.

Therefore, Lucas was chosen and did not take the test to try to escape the farm and become the Farmer.

Farmer’s Test

yuri - Reproduction/PlayPlus - Reproduction/PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2023: Yuri in the eighth Farmer’s Test

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

In a test that required skill, agility and a dash of luck, Yuri Meirelles was the big winner. The pawn is the Farmer for the third time in the edition. With that, Jaquelline and Henrique joined Lucas on the farm.

UOL A FAZENDA 2023 POLL: Who do you want to stay in the reality show?

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