PDT stampede: In addition to Evandro, 13 more deputies ask for authorization to leave the party – PontoPoder

PDT stampede: In addition to Evandro, 13 more deputies ask for authorization to leave the party – PontoPoder
PDT stampede: In addition to Evandro, 13 more deputies ask for authorization to leave the party – PontoPoder

PDT Ceará meeting, this Wednesday morning (8), unanimously approved letters of consent to parliamentarians who, like Evandro Leitão, asked to leave the party without running the risk of losing their mandate in court.

The leader of the Elmano de Freitas (PT) government, Romeu Aldigueri, justified the mass action of party members who are part of Cid Gomes’ wing.

“(There were) persecutions, legal acts and immoral and illegal administrative actions, the inactivation of the directory, deadlines being disrespected, we tried everything”, says the parliamentarian.

According to Aldigueri, in total, including Evandro, there were 10 full state deputies, 4 substitutes for state deputies, 4 full federal deputies and 2 substitutes for federal deputies.

Now, according to the government leader, each parliamentarian will take legal action to effect the disaffiliation. Only after a favorable decision from the Court will negotiations for new affiliations be concretely initiated.

See who asked to leave

Federal deputies

  • Eduardo Bismarck
  • Idilvan Alencar
  • Mauro Filho
  • Robério Monteiro

State deputies

  • Evandro Leitão
  • Guilherme Landim
  • Jehovah Mota
  • Lia Gomes
  • Marcos Sobreira
  • Oriel Filho
  • Osmar Baquit
  • Romeo Aldigueri
  • Salmito
  • Sergio Aguiar


  • Ana Paula Brandão
  • Julio Brizzi


  • Helaine Coelho
  • Nilson Diniz
  • Leonidas Cristino (in office)
  • Bruno Pedrosa (in office)
  • Antônio Granja (in office)
  • Guilherme Bismarck (in office)
  • Tin Gomes

The only exceptions to the requests were André Figueiredo (federal deputy and state and national president of the PDT) and state deputies Claudio Pinho, Antonio Henrique and Queiroz Filho. They represent a segment more linked to former minister Ciro Gomes.

In contact with the Northeast Diarydeputy André Figueiredo’s press office said that he will await the deliberations of the National Executive meeting, scheduled for Wednesday night, to make a statement.

Cid’s meeting would take place on Thursday (9), but was brought forward.

Consents in the PDT

This Wednesday’s movement repeats the attitude taken by Evandro Leitão in August. The authorization was granted when Cid had been in interim command of the party in Ceará for just over a month after an agreement with André Figueiredo — who was the president of the group in the State, but took leave to appease the Cidist wing.

The letter of consent paves the way for a possible pre-candidacy for Mayor of Fortaleza de Evandro by another party, in opposition to Mayor José Sarto (PDT). But the reaction from the segment led by Figueiredo didn’t take long to appear. The possibility of disaffiliation from the party is questioned in court by PDT Nacional.

The authorization given to the other deputies this Wednesday could follow a similar path due to the resistance already demonstrated by Figueiredo’s group.

Crisis at PDT

Since last year’s pre-election campaign, the PDT has been experiencing an internal crisis. The impasse began with the party’s candidacy for the State Government. While Cid defended the name of the then governor Izolda Cela (no party), Ciro wanted former mayor Roberto Cláudio (PDT). Roberto was chosen, which caused a break between the party and the PT at the state level. In the election, the former mayor finished in third place.

After that, the new divergence was about the PDT officially embarking on the government base in Ceará. The group allied with Cid defends the thesis, while Ciro’s wing wants to be in opposition. However, the trigger for the current escalation of the pedetista crisis was the granting of a letter of consent for disaffiliation from the president of the Legislative Assembly of Ceará, deputy Evandro Leitão.

The clashes continued and, at the beginning of October, after the senator called a new meeting to discuss the PDT’s official support for the Government of Elmano de Freitas, André Figueiredo suspended the license of the president of the Ceará directory, removing Cid from command of the party.

In response, citizens called a meeting and elected a new State Executive on October 16, with the senator in permanent command. The deliberation is questioned in court, but the latest decision on the matter kept Cid at the head of the association.

As a reaction, the group led by former minister Ciro Gomes decided to have the National Executive intervene in the State, on October 27th. This intervention will be analyzed this Wednesday, in Brasília, at 6 pm, with the right of defense to the Cid.

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