for a minute late, the candidate is blocked and does not take the test


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Gate being closed at Unieuro, in Águas Claras. Punctuality did not forgive late arrivals – (credit: Letícia Mouhamad/CB)


Gates closed and butterflies in your stomach! Students from the Federal District entered the test sites to take the first day of the National High School Exam (Enem) test, which takes place this Sunday (5/11). However, at the Unieuro University Center, located in Águas Claras, a candidate was unable to arrive on time and was left out of the selection. Although the gates of the test sites close at 1 pm, Inep’s guidance is to arrive at the location at 12 pm.

Águas Claras resident Catarina Abe, 18, arrived a minute late and was unable to enter. Frustrated, she said she made a mistake with the time; she thought the gates would close at 1:30 p.m. “My parents will be disappointed. But next year I will enter a preparatory course and I will arrive early”, said the student who wants to study medicine.

In front of the gates, street vendors and people distributing leaflets for cram schools and colleges gathered. Black pens, mandatory for the exam, cost R$4.00. Parents of students also watched anxiously as their children entered.

Student Chiara Nilson, resident of Águas Claras, aged 18, had no difficulty getting to the test location. Distressed, she revealed that she is already afraid of the subjects next Sunday (12/11), which will be exact. “For today, I feel well prepared, even though it’s the first time I’m taking the exam,” she said. Regarding the topic of the essay, the bet is that it will be something related to racism or ageism. The dream is to enroll in a psychology course.

Lucas Bello, 27, is studying mechatronics engineering at the University of Brasília (UnB), but came to take the test to change his degree. It is the third time he has taken the exam and this time he intends to go into design. “I’m calm, because I managed to prepare well. The only negative point of this first day are the long and tiring texts”, he commented.

  • Chiara intends to study psychology
    Letícia Mouhamad/CB

  • Lucas is taking the test for the third time

    Lucas is taking the test for the third time
    Letícia Mouhamad/CB

With two minutes left before the doors closed, there were those who rushed to get there in time, with motivating shouts from those waiting outside.

The National High School Exam (Enem) is a comprehensive exam that assesses students’ knowledge in different areas. Divided into two stages, the selection takes place over two Sundays: the first, today (11/5), involves knowledge of Languages, Human Sciences and an essay; in the next one (12/11), the content will cover Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

See the schedule for the first day (in Brasília time zone):

* Gates opening: 12pm
* Gates closing: 1pm
* Tests start: 1:30 pm
* End of the tests on the 1st day: 7pm
* End of the tests on the 2nd day: 6:30 pm

The candidate will only be able to leave with the Question Booklet in the last 30 minutes before the end of the test.

In total, Enem consists of 180 objective questions and an essay. There are 90 questions on the 1st day and another 90 on the 2nd day of tests. The National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), linked to the Ministry of Education (MEC) and responsible for administering the exam.

According to the MEC, in DF, there are 72,982 registered for the test. Throughout Brazil, there are around 3.9 million people confirmed to take the Enem 2023, in the 27 units of the Federation, in 1,750 municipalities where the exam is applied. In total, there are more than 9 thousand test locations, with 10,086 coordinators, which represents around 132 thousand rooms. In addition, 1,763 municipal coordinators, 36 state coordinators and around 13,000 site assistants will take part in the application.

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