Man is shot dead after confusion at gas station in Rio


Witnesses reported that the confusion ended with many people being shot. | Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

A man was shot dead after a disturbance caused by a teddy bear picking machine at a gas station on Estrada do Mato Alto, in Campo Grande, West Zone of Rio, late in the early hours of this Friday (3).

The victim was identified as Lindomar Riva, 53 years old. According to witnesses, he got into a fight with another man over the machine. According to reports, the shooter got out of the car, entered the station’s convenience store and then left, according to the “G1” website.

A witness who was at the station reported that Lindomar left the store behind the suspect, holding a can of beer, and was shot. More shots were fired at the victim, who died at the scene. The shooting caused panic among employees and customers.

According to family members, Lindomar was struggling with depression and heart problems. His fun was going to the convenience store and getting stuffed animals from the machine. In his car, the police found several teddy bears.

Military police officers from the 40th BPM (Campo Grande) isolated the area to carry out the investigation by the Capital Homicide Police Station (DHC), which is investigating the case.

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