Neymar reassures fans after left knee surgery: ‘I’ll be back as soon as possible’ – Sports

Neymar reassures fans after left knee surgery: ‘I’ll be back as soon as possible’ – Sports
Neymar reassures fans after left knee surgery: ‘I’ll be back as soon as possible’ – Sports

Al-Hilal confirmed on Wednesday afternoon (18) that Neymar suffered a serious injury to his left knee. According to the statement, the attacker had ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear and in the meniscus. As a result, he will undergo another surgery.
The club did not disclose details of the injury or the player’s recovery time. But the expectation is that he will be sidelined for at least six months.

REUTERS/Andres Cuenca – 17.10.2023

In the final minutes of the match against Uruguay, in the South American Qualifiers, Neymar felt the injury and fell on the field, citing a lot of pain in the region. In tears, the player left the field on a stretcher and was replaced by Richarlison


This is the same projection made by Dr. Marcos Cortelazo, an orthopedic specialist in knees and sports traumatology. ‘The recommended average recovery time for returning to competitive activity is around six to eight months, on average. We never recommend less than six months, but sometimes the patient needs to take a little more time, extending their rehabilitation up to eight or nine months, but the average recovery time today to safely bring a patient to a competitive level is it’s around six to eight months’, explains the doctor


After the match, Neymar had to leave the Centenário stadium, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The team returned to Brazil on a chartered flight, and the striker spent this morning undergoing medical examinations in São Paulo

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The CBF released a note stating that ‘the medical department of the Brazilian team, under the supervision of Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar, and Al-Hilal, are in permanent contact and aligned in the athlete’s recovery.’

Unfortunately, Neymar’s career is marked by injuries, surgeries and a lot of time away from the field. There are more than 20 injuries to the attacker.

Here’s a look at all of the number 10’s injuries:


January 16, 2014 — First injury as a Barcelona player. He injured an ankle and was out of the team for 32 days

Reproduction/Instagram @neymarjr

April 17, 2014 — He injured one of his feet and was out for 25 days after the defeat in the Copa del Rey final against Real Madrid

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July 3, 2014 — Perhaps the most traumatic of injuries: that caused by Colombian Zúñiga in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Brazil. Neymar injured his back and was sidelined for 30 days


August 1, 2014 — During training with the Brazilian team, the star suffered a sprained ankle and was out of action for another seven days.

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December 7, 2015 — After the game against Valencia, Neymar felt pain in his thigh. He was out of training, but, theoretically, he would return to action a few days later, in the Champions League

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December 10, 2015 — And, on the day of the game against Bayer Leverkusen, it was concluded that Neymar had a muscle tear in his thigh. He was away from training for another seven days

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January 21, 2016 — Muscle injuries became recurring cases in the star’s life. In Barcelona’s victory over Athletic Bilbao, he suffered from pain in his thigh and was absent from the team for a week.

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December 5, 2016 — After the 1-1 draw with Real Madrid at Camp Nou, the Brazilian complained again of pain in his thigh and was away for another seven days.

Reproduction/Instagram @neymarjr

March 9, 2017 — In the incredible comeback against PSG, the striker, who shone in the match, complained of muscle pain in his leg and was out of training for another week.

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September 21, 2017 —Having recently arrived at Paris Saint-Germain, the player suffered physical problems and was away from team activities for four days.

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November 2, 2017 — Once again, physical problems hampered Neymar, who was away for another 11 days

Regis Duvignau/Reuters

February 26, 2018 — Probably the most serious of injuries. In PSG’s 3-0 victory over Olympique de Marseille, the star suffered a fracture in the fifth metatarsal of his right foot and was out for 90 days.

Stephane Mahe/Reuters

January 24, 2019 — Just a few months after recovering, Neymar once again had problems with the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. Result: another 85 days away from the pitch

Charles Platiau/Reuters

June 7, 2019 — During the friendly with Qatar, in preparation for the Copa América, Neymar tore the ligaments in his right ankle and, in addition to being left out of the competition, spent another 90 days out of action.

Pedro Martins/Mowa Press

October 13, 2019 — Just over ten minutes into the friendly between Brazil and Nigeria, the number 10 felt pain in the back of his left thigh and had to be replaced.

Pedro Martins/Mowa Press

February 3, 2020 In a match for the French Championship, the Brazilian suffered a foul and fell to the pitch. PSG announced that the star had injured a rib, and, in the end, the player was out for four games


October 28, 2020 Also in a match for PSG, the star suffered an injury to the adductor muscle in his right thigh, was out for 22 days and missed four games.

Ozan Kose/Reuters – 28.10.2020

December 14, 2020 Another problem with his right ankle, at the time Neymar had a sprain. The player was away for 27 days

EFE/Sergio Pérez

February 11, 2021 Once again, Neymar had an injury diagnosed in the adductor muscle of his thigh, but this time, on the left. The player was absent for 36 days and missed nine games for PSG

REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

August 1, 2021 After the Copa América in Brazil, the national team’s number 10 was away for almost a month, due to muscle wastage during the competition.

EFE/Andre Coelho

October 16, 2021 It is November 15, 2021 In a period of one month, on two occasions, Neymar returned to complain of pain in the adductor muscle of his thigh and was absent from the French club. In October, for seven days; in November, for just three


November 29, 2021 Once again, it was the ankle. Neymar had a ligament injury, now on his left side. The number 10 of the Brazilian team was away for more than 70 days and missed 12 PSG games


November 24, 2022 At the World Cup in Qatar, when all the spotlight was on him, Neymar suffered another sprain in his right ankle and missed Brazil for nine days. The player had to undergo intense treatment to return in time for the knockout phase of the World Cup.

Giuseppe CACACE / AFP – 24.11.2022

February 19, 2023 Neymar suffered a foul in a PSG game, against Lille, in the French Championship, and sprained his ankle. The Brazilian spent the rest of the season on the sidelines and only returned to play in official games when he wore the colors of Al-Hilal, from Saudi Arabia.

Montage R7 FRANCK FIFE/AFP Reproduction Instagram @neymarjr – 19.2.2023 –

October 17, 2023 — In a play alone, in midfield, Neymar made a mistake on the pitch and fell to the ground, worryingly. The attacker left the field with the help of a stretcher and with tears on his face




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