Palestinian Ambassador says Brazilian blood is “worth less” in Gaza

Palestinian Ambassador says Brazilian blood is “worth less” in Gaza
Palestinian Ambassador says Brazilian blood is “worth less” in Gaza

The Palestinian ambassador to Brazil, Ibrahim Alzeben, criticized the lists of people authorized to leave the Gaza Strip for Egypt. Asked about the departure of Brazilians and other foreigners from developing countries, the Palestinian diplomat stated that he has the impression that “our blood is worth less” than that of people born in countries considered rich.

“I don’t want to exaggerate, but it’s probably because we’re from the Third World and the blood and life of that First World is worth more. It is a reality. The world is experiencing an imbalance”, said the ambassador, in an interview with UOL this Friday (3/11).

Still in Alzeben’s opinion, in addition to the lives of Brazilians not having “the same value” as those of citizens of developed countries, the lives of Palestinians would be worth even less. “When it comes to the death of Palestinians, it seems like a ‘side effect’ and that their lives are not worth as much as others. This is a reality that we feel and the world is feeling”, said the Palestinian diplomat.

Brazilians who are in Gaza remain outside the lists of foreigners allowed to leave the region via the border with Egypt, through the Rafah crossing. This situation has been ongoing since last Wednesday (1/11), and Itamaraty will send, this Friday, questions about the list selection criteria, as stated in Ricardo Noblat’s column in the Metropolises.


Egyptian ambulances wait to pass through the Rafah border crossing to transport Palestinians seriously injured after Israeli attacks
Vehicle convoy
Palestinians with foreign passports at the Rafah Border Gate wait to cross into Egypt as Israeli airstrikes continue


Foreign governments say there are citizens of 44 countries in Gaza, as well as workers from 28 agencies, including UN bodies. These foreigners would number a total of around 7,500 people in Gaza. Egypt estimates that 500 people cross the border daily.

This Friday morning (3/11), the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Secretary of State of the United States (USA) met. The White House would try to articulate a “humanitarian pause”, but Netanyahu has already stated that a ceasefire is out of the question until the hostages are released by the Hamas group.

War statistics in the Middle East

The death toll in the Gaza Strip is just over 9,000, and more than 32,000 have been injured, according to information from the Gaza Ministry of Health, which is controlled by Hamas, this Friday (2/11) . Of the deaths, 3,700 were children. The statistics reach 1,900 injuries and 111 deaths in the West Bank.

Adding the 1,400 deaths in Israel during the Hamas attack on October 7, the total reaches 10,572 lives lost in the Middle East in this war.

Rescue of Brazilians

The repatriation carried out by the federal government is called Operation Returning in Peace and has already brought more than 1,400 people to Brazil, all from Israel and, more recently, the West Bank.

Now, the federal government is negotiating, through diplomatic means, to search for the 32 Brazilians in the Gaza Strip.

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