Images show atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists in the October 7 attack


Close to completing a month, the Hamas attack on Israel Its dimension and brutality can be understood from images recovered from surveillance cameras in the attacked region, from the cell phones of the murdered victims and from body equipment used by the terrorists.

A compilation of this material, which totals 44 minutes, was shown by the Israeli Defense Forces to Brazilian journalists. Until then, the footage had only been shown at special screenings in Jerusalem and New York. The video shows, without censorship, brutal scenes of cruel deaths, including brutal murders, torture and abuse of people, including children and the elderly.

O People’s Mail had access to part of the content, made available by the Consulate General of Israel and describes it below. Videos will not be displayed. Only reproductions considered less invasive illustrate the report.

Warning: the following excerpts contain violent content.

Under the cover of a huge barrage of rockets launched against Israeli cities, towns and villages in the early hours of that Saturday, the day October 7, 2023more than a thousand Hamas-led terrorists simultaneously infiltrated Israel from Gaza by land, sea and air in several locations.

The invasion

The terrorists managed to invade and take over villages, communities, military bases and outposts Images show explosions in fences and the assembly of metal mats on walls to allow motorcycles to pass through, one of the main means of transportation during attacks. The group infiltrated the cities of Sderot and Ofakim, close to the border with Gaza, and began heading towards the city of Be’er Sheva.




Violation of bodies

The terrorists attacked the entire region for many hours, during which they committed atrocities on a scale considered by Israel to be unprecedented since the massacre carried out by the Islamic State in Sinjar, in 2014. The images released show the scale of this brutality.

In one of the scenes, a car tries to enter a condominium gate and is shot by rifle fire. Everyone is killed inside the vehicle, which is still moving along the street with the bodies of the victims inside until it collides with a wall. From another angle, it is possible to see several cars abandoned by Israelis in their attempt to escape. Those who were unable to escape were killed and, in some cases, their bodies were raped.

The images testify that each terrorist who passed by a corpse, shot again. In some cases in the head. Even though they were dead, some people were kidnapped and taken into Gaza territory. The bodies were thrown and piled inside pickup trucks.

In another scene, two women try to escape the terrorists and take cover behind a car. They bend down and hug each other, but are killed with several rifle shots. A man appears running down a sidewalk. He is hit, falls and hits his head on the ground. Even though he is already lifeless, he is the target of many shots.






In an attempt to escape the terror, some people hid inside buildings that, when they were identified, became the target of grenades. The terrorists stayed in front and whoever tried to escape was shot dead. Those who remained died in the explosions. In the images it is possible to see that in many cases the victims begged for mercy before being brutally murdered.


Party turned into a nightmare

Another focus of the attack was a music festival that took place in the area, in which hundreds of young people had fun. The place turned into a horror scene and the images released are extremely disgusting. People were burned alive, bodies were scattered on the ground and, with some excerpts recovered from the victims’ cell phones, it is possible to see the moments that preceded the murders, many of them collective. Living people tried to hide under corpses, which were turned over in search of survivors. When located, they were targets for more gunfire. Even dead, they received blows with sticks.


Entire families murdered

As they advanced through Israeli territory, the terrorists began invading homes. Families were massacred in their beds, women were raped, civilians were mutilated, killed and, in some cases, decapitated.

In the aftermath of the attacks, the extent of Israeli casualties was significant. After Israeli security forces neutralized the terrorists and regained control of the region, it was discovered that more than 1,400 people had been murdered and more than 3,500 were injured – many of them seriously, and more than 230 people were kidnapped and taken to the Strip of Gaza, whether alive or dead – including children from the age of 3 and elderly men and women over 75 years of age. For context, this is the largest number of Jews massacred in a single day since the Holocaust, according to Israel.


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